Big Brother alums on The Traitors: A look at everyone who has already played and who is on new season

Danielle Reyes Big Brother
Danielle Reyes played on Big Brother and the Reindeer Games spin-off. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Traitors US is a reality competition show hosted in Scotland.

Players from popular shows in the United States travel to compete for a $250,000 prize at a Scottish castle.

People from shows like Big Brother, Survivor, and Bachelor Nation get invited each season to compete.

So far, two seasons have aired on Peacock, and a third one is coming.

Host Alan Cumming recently revealed The Traitors 3 cast – and it includes two Big Brother alums.

It became the third straight season where some big Big Brother personalities were on the show.

Big Brother alums from The Traitors 1 and The Traitors 2

Big Brother winners Rachel Reilly (BB13) and Cody Calafiore (BB22) were on the first season of The Traitors US.

Cody was selected as a Traitor and worked to steal the money from the other players. Rachel was a Faithful and had very early suspicions of Cody.

The duo created much drama in the house, with Cody doing it through his gameplay and choices as a Traitor and Rahcel doing it during arguments and accusations.

Cody finished 11th place after getting Banished during a group vote, and Rachel got Banished the next episode (in eighth place).

For The Traitors 2, Big Brother All-Star Janelle Pierzina and Big Brother 10 winner Dan Gheesling were invited to Scotland.

Janelle drew suspicions very early and became the ninth person eliminated when she was Banished during Episode 5.

Dan was the next person to be Banished after surviving several weeks as a Traitor who many people suspected.

Thus far, Big Brother alums have brought much drama and excitement to The Traitors, but they haven’t come close to winning.

New Big Brother alums for The Traitors 3

A new season of The Traitors has begun filming in Scotland.

Twenty-one fresh faces are competing for part of the $250,000 prize.

Britney Haynes from BB12 and BB14 is one of those faces. Britney also appeared on Big Brother: Reindeer Games and The Amazing Race as Janelle Pierzina’s partner.

Danielle Reyes from BB3 and BB7 is the other Big Brother alum. Danielle was close to winning her first BB season, but the jury got to see her Diary Room sessions and turned on her. She would have to settle for being the BB3 runner-up, and then she returned for Big Brother: All-Stars (BB7). Danielle was also on Big Brother: Reindeer Games.

Britney and Danielle had some drama on Reindeer Games, so it’s possible some of that could carry over.

Filming for The Traitors 3 happens this spring, and Peacock will likely debut the new episodes in Winter 2025 (probably early January).

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Big Brother returns in Summer 2024 on CBS. The Traitors is on hiatus at Peacock.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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