Big Brother alums on The Challenge spin-off: Rumors suggest changes

BB23 The Cookout
Four members of The Cookout appear ready to play on a spin-off of The Challenge. Pic credit: Francis Specker/CBS

Many Big Brother alums are going to appear on a new version of The Challenge that CBS is putting together, but it appears that the latest rumors about the cast indicate some changes.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about it yet, CBS is doing a spin-off of The Challenge on MTV, but this version will feature stars of the reality competition and dating shows that air on CBS.

In addition to people from the world of Big Brother, this Challenge spin-off will also have former Survivor castaways, people who have competed on The Amazing Race, and singles who have starred on Love Island USA.

Previously, it looked like Christmas Abbott and nine other Big Brother USA alums were signed on to play on this new version of The Challenge. Now, though, it appears that Christmas is one of the potential cast members who was either cut or who turned down the show.

New list of Big Brother alums on The Challenge: CBS

On the new rumored cast list for The Challenge: CBS, there are still a lot of Big Brother alums featured. They are Angela Rummans (BB20), Alyssa Lopez (BB23), Azah Awasum (BB23), David Alexander (BB21), Derek Xiao (BB23), Enzo Palumbo (BB12), Kyland Young (BB23), Tiffany Mitchell (BB23), and Xavier Prather (BB23). That is a lot of people from the Big Brother 23 cast who are ready to compete against each other again.

Below are images of the people who are now rumored to be on this new spin-off of The Challenge. Take everything with a grain of salt, as the names have shifted a bit and could likely shift again before CBS confirms everything. Most of the people have remained the same, though, so expect to see a lot of faces from Big Brother 23 taking part.

More news from the world of Big Brother

In some positive news from the world of Big Brother, BB11 winner Jordan Lloyd celebrated her wedding sixth anniversary with Jeff Schroeder. The couple is still going strong after meeting many years ago on the show.

Earlier, BB19 alum Jessica Nickson revealed that she is pregnant, and she is going to be having another child with Cody Nickson.

In case anyone needs a reminder about what happened with the BB23 cast, an alliance of six people called The Cookout made it all the way to the end. From there, Xavier Prather won Big Brother 23, with Derek Frazier finishing in second place and Azah Awasum coming in third. Now, four members of The Cookout could be a strong alliance on this new version of The Challenge.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022 and The Challenge: CBS is currently filming.

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