Big Brother almost featured a star from The Circle

Marvin Big Brother 24
Marvin Achi on the Big Brother 2022 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 almost looked a lot different.

Less than a day before the first episode aired, the producers made a big change to the BB24 cast.

When the 16 houseguests were announced online, Marvin Achi was slated to be a contestant.

His picture was sent out with those of the other 15 cast members, letting fans see everyone a day early.

Anyone who saw the first press release and didn’t see the update before the season premiere was in for a shock.

Marvin was mysteriously absent, as he had been replaced by one of the alternates.

A notable replacement on Big Brother 24

Marvin Achi got replaced by Joseph Abdin on the Big Brother 24 cast.

Joseph entered the house as a lawyer and personal trainer and immediately had many fans.

Though he had strong friendships inside the house, Joseph was taken out when he ended up in the wrong group during a twist.

Joseph found himself living in the backyard during a House Split. And since he wasn’t close with the Backyard HOH (Terrance Higgins), he quickly found himself a target. It didn’t help that Matt Turner and Kyle Capener conspired against him.

Joseph finished in ninth place, but after the season ended, he began dating Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale. The couple went their separate ways, but Taylor and Joseph recently reunited.

Marvin Achi goes on The Circle

Even though he didn’t get to play Big Brother, Marvin was featured on The Circle Season 5. He created some drama within the house, but for people who still want to watch that season, no spoiler about the outcome will surface here.

His season of The Circle is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

Marvin also appeared in a recent America’s Got Talent season. He combined chemistry with taking his shirt off as he auditioned for the judges.

He even got host Terry Crews in on the action.

A new season of Big Brother

A brand new season of Big Brother is coming to CBS this summer.

The season premiere got delayed until Wednesday, August 2, but there was a trade-off.

The Big Brother 25 season has been extended, giving fans additional episodes to watch this fall.

When the season was announced, the producers said BB25 is an all-new group of houseguests. But former winner Cody Calafiore recently hinted at returners playing a big part in the new installment.

And CBS has also released a new BB25 trailer to get fans pumped up.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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