Big Brother 26 is not on the fall schedule at CBS: Here’s what that could mean for the BB26 cast

Blue BB25 Exit
The Big Brother 2023 season featured Blue Kim as a player. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother 26 season appears destined for a shorter run than Big Brother 25.

With two Hollywood strikes happening, the BB25 cast played the game longer than any previous houseguests.

Jag Bains beat Matt Klotz on Day 100 of Big Brother 26, making it the longest season in history.

Since many scripted dramas and comedies at CBS — NCIS, FBI, Fire Country, etc. — were delayed in production, it left timeslots open for shows like Big Brother.

Now that the strikes have ended, CBS can return to its regular fall programming, and that’s exactly what they announced this week.

Shows like NCIS: Origins were added to the CBS primetime schedule, and many hit shows are returning for new episodes in September of 2024.

Big Brother 26 is likely a shorter season

As some fans may remember, the BB25 finale happened in November. The season ran from August 2 to November 9.

With no episodes airing in October or November this year, a shorter window is available for the BB26 cast. Fans who felt the previous season was too long may get their wish.

Returning to its regular summer schedule means the BB26 cast begins playing the game in late June or early July. The final episodes would then air in mid-September.

CBS hasn’t announced its 2024 summer schedule yet, so the exact date is still under wraps. But the announcements are coming soon.

Before the elongated BB25 season, BB24 was 82 days, BB23 was 85 days, and BB22 was also 85 days. But BB21, BB20, and BB18 were each 99 days long.

Below is a clip from the showmance that caused a stir on the BB25 cast. America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger continued to date after the season.

More Big Brother news

Julie Chen Moonves is back this summer as the Big Brother host. She has already begun teasing fans with social media posts about the show.

There was some big news about Big Brother casting was recently announced. This could impact how the new cast looks and whether or not there are returners on it.

Big Brother was recently featured on an episode of Jeopardy! with a clue that stumped the players.

Big Brother 25 houseguest Felicia Cannon revealed she got hacked. She had a stern warning for anyone trying to steal her accounts.

Previous episodes of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+. That includes the two All-Star seasons that brought back fan-favorite players (BB7 and BB22).

Big Brother returns in the summer of 2024 on CBS.

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