Big Brother 25 spoilers: Who is the target for eviction?

Cirie Running BB25
Cirie Fields was invited to be on the Big Brother 2023 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Chaos consumed the Big Brother house in Week 2.

Ahead of the August 17 Eviction Ceremony, the target for eviction isn’t even set in stone.

Hisam Goueli is the Head of Household and wants Reilly Smedley out, but he has alienated many members of the BB25 cast.

A push to keep Hisam from getting what he wants has been quietly taking place.

When Hisam won the Power of Veto again, he kept his nominations the same.

But Hisam has become a dictator in Week 2, issuing veiled (and some not so veiled) threats about crossing him.

Could the Big Brother house flip the vote on Hisam?

Entering Week 2, Hisam was targeting Reilly and Cameron Hardin for eviction. If Reilly won the Power of Veto, Hisam seemed fine with evicting Cameron, as the other members of The Professors wanted Cameron out first.

Cirie Fields and Izzy Gleicher became content with getting Reilly out first when the week started. But then Hisam began pushing people to get his way, and he used unkind words to do it.

A groundswell of support took place on each side of the house to get Cameron out before Reilly. And at several different moments, it appeared that plans were set to flip the vote on Hisam.

Time and time again, the people working against Hisam have settled into voting against Reilly, only to turn around and discuss going after Cameron.

It has gotten so bad that a backdoor plan against Hasim has formed.

An interesting eviction vote on Big Brother 25

As the Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers have revealed, Reilly or Cameron gets evicted next.

No matter how the house decides, someone will be sent home at the August 17 Eviction Ceremony.

With how much flip-flopping has happened in chats during Week 2, anything could happen during that upcoming episode.

Viewers should not be surprised if something swings the vote early on Thursday.

Will The Professors keep Hisam happy and use him as a shield? Or will many members of the BB25 cast stand up in unison against Hisam to keep Reilly in the game? Stay tuned in to find out.

The target is currently Reilly (again), but that could change (again).

More news from Big Brother

A Big Brother alum is pretty frustrated with Hisam. Frenchie from BB23 responded to Hisam’s live feeds shade, stating that Hisam has some karma coming in his direction.

And expelled houseguest Luke Valentine did his first interview after Big Brother, where he blamed some of his missteps on his twin, Duke. Luke also spoke at length about how much he loved the other members of the BB25 cast.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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