Exclusive: Frenchie calls out Hisam after BB25 houseguest shades him on Big Brother live feeds

Frenchie Big Brother 23
Brandon “Frenchie” French played on the Big Brother 23 cast. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

So the Big Brother 25 cast may have an 18th houseguest after all: The ghost of Brandon “Frenchie” French.

Frenchie was a member of the BB23 cast, known very well for playing the game too hard as the first Head of Household in the Summer of 2021.

Frenchie looked like a real threat to win the season, but he tried to make too many deals during Week 1 of the game.

Now his name has become an adjective on the show used to describe an early HOH trying to do too much.

Frenchie wasn’t keen to hear his name being used by Hisam Goueli to describe how Reilly Smedley has played the game.

Especially after Hisam has had a regrettable week as the Big Brother 25 HOH.

Hisam accuses Reilly of playing ‘a Frenchie game’

On the night of August 13 (Sunday), Hisam was speaking with America Lopez when he accused Reilly of playing an impulsive game like Frenchie. America chimed in with the similarities she saw between BB23 Week 1 and BB25 Week 1.

Later in that conversation, Hisam says that Reilly “played a Frenchie game” while he confirms he wants her out of the game. The duo said numerous other negative things about Frenchie during their chat.

This conversation took place after the Week 2 Veto Competition and the Sunday night episode of Big Brother 25.

It was also before the Week 2 Veto Meeting, where drama exploded in the BB25 house.

Frenchie addresses Hisam’s play on Big Brother 25

Frenchie referenced karma catching up to Hisam as the houseguests have begun plotting against him in Week 2.

The Big Brother alum did not appreciate Hisam and America speaking ill about how he played the game two years ago.

In an exclusive statement to Monsters and Critics, Frenchie didn’t hold back when responding to Hisam bringing up his name on the live feeds.

“I think it’s funny. It’s easy to judge or have an opinion until you are in that situation,” Frenchie said about Hisam’s self-inflicted situation.

“Karma is hitting Hisam hard right now and now I’m the one laughing. He should have just kept my name out of his mouth but instead, the ghost of Frenchies past has haunted his HOH,” Frenchie added.

“Welcome to the ‘I messed up my HOH club buddy.’ lol. There’s your 18th houseguest,” Frenchie said as he referenced the rumored 18th member of the BB25 cast.

It does look like Hisam has made similar mistakes to what Frenchie did in the Big Brother house, but instead of them being good-natured, Hisam sometimes goes to a dark place with how he speaks to other houseguests.

Will upcoming episodes of Big Brother show Hisam and his apology tour for how he has spoken to people?

If Hisam does become a target for eviction in Week 3, the Big Brother producers should fly Frenchie out to be in the studio audience on eviction night.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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