Big Brother 25 spoilers: Drama at the Veto Meeting

Hisam BB25
Hisam Goueli was an early HOH on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the Veto Meeting were revealed this week.

On the Sunday night episode, CBS viewers saw Hisam Goueli become the new Head of Household.

Hasim then targeted the younger alliance, putting Reilly Smedley and Cameron Hardin on the block.

Reilly planned to target Hisam early in Week 1, and he will not let her forget it.

When Hisam won the first Power of Veto, her thoughts about changing the nominees got tabled for good.

And when Hisam won the HOH Competition, he immediately told his alliance that he wanted Reilly gone next.

Did Hisam go too far with his power?

Continuing his success in the game, Hisam also won the Week 2 Power of Veto.

This meant Hisam could do anything he wanted with the nominees (other than target Jag Bains).

But after chatting with his alliance (The Professors), Hisam decided to keep his nominations the same.

Ahead of the Veto Meeting, he told Reilly what he was doing, but he also practiced a speech where he spoke ill of Reilly and her gameplay.

Reilly chatted with Matt Klotz ahead of the Veto Meeting, and he advised her to cry on purpose. Matt felt it would turn the rest of the house against Hisam.

On Monday afternoon, the feeds went down for the Veto Meeting, and when they returned, most of the houseguests were talking about him blasting Reilly. The reaction led to Hisam getting a bit paranoid, and he even pulled Reilly aside to apologize for what he had said.

Hisam becomes a target for Week 3 Big Brother eviction?

To summarize, Reilly and Cameron are the final nominees for the week.

Reilly or Cameron will be voted out at the August 17 Eviction Ceremony.

Hisam wants Reilly out, but Cirie and the people she is close to want Cameron out.

Members of The Handful would also like to keep Cameron over Reilly. But could a vote flip work?

No matter how this week progresses, Hisam has become a Week 3 target.

Backdoor plans have been formed to get Hisam out of the house in Week 3.

If his name isn’t drawn to play in the Veto Competition, Hisam may follow Reilly or Cameron right out the front door.

More Big Brother news

Luke Valentine returned to social media after being expelled from the Big Brother house.

Luke’s father also defended his son, saying he doesn’t believe Luke is a racist.

As for the dramatic Veto Meeting, Big Brother producers typically show that during the Wednesday night episode.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

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