Big Brother 25 spoilers: Who did Cameron send home?

Cameron BB25 Piggy
Cameron Hardin has been HOH three times on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 sent home someone new on Thursday night.

Cameron Hardin was Head of Household for the week, and he pushed hard to make a big move.

After sending the house in one direction, Cameron nominated Izzy Gleicer and Felicia Cannon for eviction.

Cameron also wanted to have Felicia saved from the block to name Cirie Fields as the replacement nominee.

Jared Fields won the Power of Veto and fought against Cameron making that move.

Jared didn’t use the POV, and the nominees remained the same.

Izzy vs. Felicia and a house in chaos

Much of the September 14 episode showed people opening their eyes to Cirie running things (with the help of Jared).

Cory Wurtenberger and Jag Bains finally compared notes about alliances.

America Lopez came clean to Cameron Hardin about him being a target.

And Jag spoke with Matt Klotz about what he had been told.

Bowie Jane even got to take part in chats where she wasn’t getting gaslighted by Felicia and Cirie.

It meant that people were unsure about the upcoming vote. Izzy had been safe. But as secrets started coming out, it looked like she could become the target.

Who got voted off Big Brother 25 in Week 6?

The ladies gave speeches about why they should remain in the game. It was then time to vote.

America Lopez voted to evict Izzy Gleicher. Cory Wurtenberger also voted to evict Izzy. At a 2-0 vote, host Julie Chen Moonves took the show to commercial break.

The voting continued after the break.

Matt Klotz voted for Izzy, Cirie Fields voted for Felicia, Jared Fields voted for Izzy, Bowie Jane voted for Izzy, Blue Kim voted for Izzy, Jag Bains voted for Izzy, and Mecole Hayes voted for Izzy.

Izzy got evicted on an 8-1 vote.

The remaining houseguests now play in a classic Endurance Challenge in the backyard.

Here is a link to live coverage of the Wall Competition.

A new houseguest will become the Head of Household by proving they have the endurance.

More Big Brother news

Jared and Cory had a huge fight ahead of the September 14 episode. Footage will likely be revealed during the September 17 episode.

The fight sets the stage for a chaotic week of Big Brother.

In new polls, it was revealed that Big Brother fans also really dislike one cast member. And it’s no longer Luke Valentine or Hisam Goueli.

Previous episodes of Big Brother 25 are available for streaming on Paramount+, and CBS has shifted the upcoming episode schedule.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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