Big Brother fans absolutely despise one BB25 houseguest

Julie Chen Big Brother 23
Big Brother fans may get to see more of Julie Chen Moonves this winter. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother fans really dislike Jared Fields.

The more people get to know him, the less they like his gameplay.

The latest popularity polls indicate he has become the most disliked member of the BB25 cast.

And those polls still include Hisam Goueli and Luke Valentine.

Luke got expelled for violating the code of conduct. Hisam was sent home after a rough week as the Head of Household.

At various times, Luke and Hisam owned the No. 17 spot when ranking the Big Brother 25 houseguests.

A look at the new Big Brother 25 popularity polls

On the Joker’s Updates poll, Jared is (by far) the lowest-ranked member of the Big Brother 25 cast.

The ranking scale goes from zero to five, and Jared is currently at 0.44. The person closest to him is Blue Kim’s 1.11.

Rankings are always subjective and can shift due to recent events. And Jared’s sloppy gameplay is hurting him.

The social media page for Big Brother Daily shared a recent update in fan voting that showed when Jared took over the bottom spot.

Before Jared dropped to No. 17, he had been ranked slightly ahead of Luke. That’s no longer the case.

Big Brother Network also has a popularity poll. The site has people vote for their favorite houseguest, leading to intriguing results.

Kirsten Elwin is at the bottom for BBN, with zero percent of the vote. Jared has 0.33 percent, while Cameron Hardin leads with 40.45 percent.

Big Brother fans dislike Jared Fields

The clip below shows why Big Brother fans have turned on Jared.

His behavior toward even people he claims to like has been negative.

Many fans also turned on him when Jared used the R-word against America Lopez.

The Special Olympics reacted to Jared’s words and condemned them.

When the pre-season packages were released, Jared was very popular. But that has dissipated.

A Big Brother 25 cast member will win America’s Favorite Houseguest this fall.

Fans vote on the $50,000 prize. It should be interesting to see who gets the award this time.

Taylor Hale was named America’s Favorite Houseguest on Big Brother 24. She also won BB24, making her total prize winnings $800,000 for the summer.

Keep in mind that the Big Brother 25 episode schedule has changed. CBS moved things around due to NFL action and the Fall 2023 show.

Applications to play on Big Brother 26 are also open. Hopeful fans can apply to compete for that $750,000 prize.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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10 months ago

Wouldn’t it be great if just before the elimination vote on Thursday, Julie call all the house guests together and announces that neither of the nominated will be going home tonight because due to breaking BB’s “code of ethics”, Jared has been removed from the game. That way Cam stays. Never happen because it would ruin BB’s intended winner outcome.