Big Brother 25 spoilers: Week 3 nominees and a target revealed

Julie Chen Big Brother 23
Big Brother fans may get to see more of Julie Chen Moonves this winter. Pic credit: CBS

Week 3 nominations have been revealed.

Big Brother 25 has a new Head of Household, and they are on a mission.

This goes back to Week 2 when a group began planning to backdoor Hisam Goueli.

Hisam created much chaos while he was HOH, and several houseguests called him a dictator.

Hisam succeeded in getting his target out (Reilly Smedley), but he put himself right in the crosshairs.

Felicia Cannon is the new HOH after winning an overnight challenge. And she hosted her Nomation Ceremony on August 18.

Who did Felicia nominate for eviction?

Cameron Hardin and Jag Bains are on the block.

Felicia told Cameron that he was a pawn. She wants him to win the Veto Competition.

Cameron can save himself by winning the Power of Veto, and that’s when the plan to backdoor Hisam will happen.

Hisam cannot play in the Veto Competition for the plan to be complete.

But if Hisam fails to win the Power of Veto, he will still get targeted by Felicia and the other members of The Professors alliance.

Since Hisam won the first two Veto Competitions, it’s possible his winning streak could continue.

Meanwhile, Hisam is getting kept in the dark by his alliance, and he thinks Felicia is targeting someone from the other side of the house.

More from Big Brother 25

While enjoying her new HOH Room, Felicia talked to Izzy about her husband.

Felicia said she was “disgusted” by something he did before she went on Big Brother.

And coming up, the BB25 cast will play in the Pressure Cooker.

But first, they need to get through the current week, where Cameron, Jag, or Hisam goes home next.

Felicia has given Cameron every incentive to win the Power of Veto and save himself. Failing to do so could mean he gets evicted.

There has also been chatter about voting out Jag due to how much he tried to flip the vote in the moments leading up to Reilly’s eviction.

But Felicia has her eyes set on getting Hisam out as soon as possible.

Big Brother 23 alum Brandon “Frenchie” French shares that disdain for Hisam.

After Hisam shaded him on the live feeds, Frenchie predicts karma will come for Hisam.

As for predictions, many former houseguests predicted the Big Brother 25 winner.

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11 months ago

It may be a mistake to take out Hisam now, it may give the other control over the house.