Big Brother 25 spoilers: Veto Meeting results from Matt’s HOH revealed

Matt BB25 Kitchen
Matt Klotz was the runner-up on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

New Big Brother 25 spoilers come from the Week 13 Veto Meeting.

The house just set its final nominees for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony, and there is some grumpiness amongst the remaining players.

Matt Klotz had the power this past week after winning his first HOH Competition.

Matt enjoyed having the power, especially after receiving a letter from Reilly Smedley.

Staying true to his final three alliance with Jag Bains and Bowie Jane, Matt put Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields on the block.

Cirie was frustrated about being on the block, as Big Brother fans saw at the end of the October 29 episode.

What did the Power of Veto winner do at the Veto Meeting?

Jag Bains won the Power of Veto. Again. This was the sixth time he has won the POV this season. Jag has also won four out of the last five Veto Competitions, losing only during the Double Eviction.

Jag hosted the Veto Meeting on Monday (October 30), where he had a chance to save Felicia or Cirie. He passed on the opportunity.

The final nominees for the week are Felicia and Cirie.

One of the ladies is about to become the fifth BB25 jury member. They will join Cameron Hardin, Cory Wurtenberger, America Lopez, and Blue Kim in the jury house.

Matt has told Cirie and Felicia they are safe, so he has an imminent problem ahead. This isn’t good jury management because they will take some anger with them to the jury.

America did talk about being a bitter juror, and could the end of this season be similar to how Big Brother 18 concluded? Bitter jurors from that season voted for Nicole Franzel over Paul Abrahamian. Bitter jurors also cost Paul a win on BB19 when they gave Josh Martinez the prize money.

More Big Brother news and notes

America Lopez shaded Bowie Jane in her exit interview. The fiesty jury member is not keen on Bowie Jane lasting this long in the game.

Blue Kim said Felicia Cannon was the best player this season. But did she do it because she thinks Felicia is the mom of Jared Fields?

Fans also need to remember there is a bonus eviction episode added to the Big Brother schedule. This is when the houseguests get down to a final three.

Outside the house, Big Brother alums are weighing in on AFH already. A member of the BB25 cast will be named America’s Favorite Houseguest and win a $50,000 prize.

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