Big Brother 25 spoilers: Update from feeds, final nominees set

Julie Chen Moonves Orange
Julie Chen Moonves will soon host a special eviction episode of Big Brother 25. Pic credit: ©

Big Brother 25 spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Week 14 is nearly complete.

This is a sped-up week for the four remaining houseguests.

Everything needs to be prepared for a special eviction episode on Sunday night.

Bowie Jane won her third Head of Household Competition this season, guaranteeing a spot in the final three.

And since she is now attached at the hip to Jag Bains, she put him in a good position ahead of the next eviction vote.

Bowie Jane nominated Felicia Cannon and Matt Klotz for eviction. Felicia has grown familiar with the block, while this is Matt’s first taste.

The final Big Brother 25 Veto Competition sets the stage

Everyone got to play in the final Veto Competition of the season. It took place on Friday (November 3) as everything got moved up in the schedule.

Felicia and Matt needed to win the Power of Veto to get off the block, and the POV winner will have the only vote this week.

Jag won another Veto Competition, improving his resume even further as a competition beast. It’s simply amazing how good he is at the varying challenges that get placed in front of him.

Jag now controls his fate, as well as the fates of Felicia and Matt.

What will happen during the next eviction episode of Big Brother 25?

The Veto Meeting will take place during the November 5 episode. That’s when Jag reveals if he is saving Matt or Felicia. The other person gets sent to the BB25 jury house.

Matt or Felicia will become the sixth BB25 jury member, joining Cory Wurtenberger, Cirie Fields, America Lopez, Cameron Hardin, and Blue Kim.

On the night of the final episode, the jury will return to the stage and vote for the Big Brother 25 winner.

So, will Jag cut ties with Matt and clear his path to the final two? Or Will Jag reward Matt for saving him earlier this season and send Felicia to the jury house?

With so much time to think about his choice, Jag could go either way. Fans need to tune in on Sunday night to find out what happens.

More from Big Brother

Many people are pushing on social media for Cirie Fields to win AFH. Fans can now vote for America’s Favorite Houseguest, with Julie Chen Moonves announcing the winner during the final episode.

There were also many Big Brother alums upset that Bowie Jane won her third HOH Competition. They were not shy about sharing those thoughts online.

Soon, the season will be at an end. Here is the schedule of the remaining BB25 episodes at CBS. It includes a stroll down Memory Lane on one night.

And for fans looking ahead, new rumors about a Big Brother Legends season got teased.

Big Brother 25 is streaming on Paramount+.

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