Big Brother 25 spoilers: New HOH in power after Cory eviction

Julie Hosting Big Brother
Julie Chen Moonves might soon be hosting a winter season of Big Brother. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother 25 cast has rolled on after getting to the final seven houseguests.

A showmance was broken up at the latest Eviction Ceremony after Jag Bains placed Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez on the block.

Jag’s week as the Invisible HOH also came to an end. It wasn’t very mysterious after he told nearly everyone about his power.

Many Big Brother fans were frustrated that the Secret HOH was no longer a secret.

Jag was also allowed to play in the new Head of Household Competition. This afforded him the chance to be HOH in back-to-back weeks.

The Thursday night episode did not yield a new HOH, but the houseguests played that competition later in the evening.

Who is the new HOH on Big Brother 25?

Jag Bains is HOH again.

Despite being in power while sending Cory to the jury, Jag gets to be in charge again.

It’s unclear why Jag was allowed to play for HOH again after Claire Rehfuss had to throw her challenge in Big Brother 23.

Claire also became a Secret HOH. She got to hold the power anonymously as part of the BB23 cast.

But when the next HOH Competition came up, Claire was instructed to throw it. This granted her anonymity, but the producers kept her from (actually) competing in back-to-back challenges.

This could lead to much debate among Big Brother fans as Jag carries out his second straight week in charge.

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The final seven houseguests are Jag Bains, America Lopez, Matt Klotz, Cirie Fields, Felicia Cannon, Blue Kim, and Bowie Jane.

The women out-number the men as the game winds down, presenting a scenario where they could band together against Jag and Matt.

But since Jag is now in charge, Matt is safe for another week.

And as host Julie Chen Moonves revealed, a Double Eviction is coming up on the October 26 episode. It could lead to an exciting night for the houseguests.

Big Brother 24 alum Michael Bruner got married last week. He dominated challenges during his season but got blindsided when the BB24 cast was down to six people.

Rumors about an all-winners season of Big Brother have surfaced. It’s possible that producers could look to air new episodes of the show during the winter months.

There are only a few weeks remaining in the season. Here is the TV schedule for the final BB25 episodes.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday at 10/9, Tuesday at 8/7c, and Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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