Big Brother 24 spoilers: Who won the Week 6 Power of Veto?

Matt Turner On BB24
Matt Turner has likely made it to the final six on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 24 spoilers from the live feeds have revealed what happened during the Veto Competition today.

It is Week 6 for the BB24 cast, and a new Head of Household has been trying to make some big moves in the game.

Taylor Hale won the late-night Endurance Challenge right after Daniel Durston got evicted. This allowed Taylor some safety for the week, and she also got to enjoy some time without Daniel bad-mouthing her.

Outside of the house, Daniel was blaming other houseguests for his behavior toward Taylor, something that Kat Dunn wasn’t going to stand for when she interviewed him.

On Friday, Taylor nominated Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos for eviction. Taylor told her alliances that it is Terrance who she wants out this week, so he was the primary target.

Saturday afternoon, six people played in the latest Veto Competition. Joining Taylor, Terrance, and Indy were Jasmine Davis, Alyssa Snider, and Kyle Capener.

Who won the Week 6 Power of Veto on BB24?

Kyle Capener won the Week 6 Veto Competition. He has control of the upcoming Veto Meeting, where he gets to decide if he wants to save Indy or Terrance, or if he wants to keep the nominations the same.

Since Kyle is a member of The Leftovers, the odds are pretty good that he is not going to use the Power of Veto. If he were to save someone from the block, Taylor might have to use Alyssa as a replacement nominee, which Kyle does not want.

Indy is already pressing Kyle to use the Power of Veto to save her, but she could be in for some very bad news at the Veto Meeting.

As for the prizes/punishments stemming from this Veto Competition, it looks like Jasmine won a trip to London, Alyssa won $5,000, Taylor and Joseph are tethered together, Terrance has to be fake tattooed, and Indy has to wear an ugly costume (Punkitard).

Important days to come for Big Brother 24 cast

We are coming up on an important week for the Big Brother 24 cast that is going to include a Double Eviction and also a twist like nothing we have seen before. The house is going to get split in half, with two games taking place at the same time.

Host Julie Chen Moonves will be giving us more details on that very soon, but what we know is that as soon as someone gets evicted from Week 6, the game is going to change in a really big way.

As it stands, it looks like Terrance is going to get evicted next, but there are still a lot of days left until that August 18 Eviction Ceremony takes place, so more Big Brother 24 spoilers could be coming. Stay tuned!

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Is Terrence really a threat to anyone right now?