Big Brother 23: Who won the Week 3 HOH Competition with Tom Green?

BB23 HOH Competition
Tom Green hosted an HOH Competition for Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

A new Big Brother 23 Head of Household is in power after winning a challenge hosted by Tom Green.

Brandon “Frenchie” French was sent home on an 11-1 vote earlier in the episode, making him the second member of the BB23 cast to get evicted this summer.

We will probably see a lot of Frenchie on social media, and we definitely expect to see some messages exchanged between him and Travis Long (first evictee) at some point.

But after the eviction, it was then time to get back down to business with a new Head of Household Competition.

Tom Green from Celebrity Big Brother 2 stops by

Tom Green, who was on Celebrity Big Brother 2, helped with the third HOH Competition of the summer. He was shown going around the streets in Canada and asking people questions about himself and Big Brother. The houseguests then had to answer questions about the videos.

For the HOH Competition, if someone missed one question, they were eliminated from the challenge. The last person standing would become the new HOH and take over the power in the house.

Derek F, Britini, Brent, Christian, and Tiffany missed the first question. It was amazing to see how many people were eliminated right away.

Azah missed the second question, everyone got question number three correct, and then Whitney and Claire missed question four.

On the fifth question, Xavier Prather became the new Big Brother HOH. He will strategize overnight and host a Nomination Ceremony at some point on Friday (July 23). It will be very interesting to see which direction he decides to go with the nominees.

More news about Big Brother 23

A lot has been taking place on the Big Brother live feeds that CBS viewers may have missed over the past week.

In the HOH Room, early Thursday morning (July 22), Whitney Williams and Kyland Young kissed for the cameras. It was also an effort to make Xavier Prather a bit jealous.

We have also seen the emergence of several Big Brother 23 showmances. Frenchie may have been correct when he predicted that the showmances could become a problem this summer.

On social media, Britini’s mom let fans know why Britini had been so emotional after Kyland nominated her for eviction. It may have filled in a lot of blanks for viewers of the show.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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