Big Brother 23 spoilers: Frenchie has a new target, BB23 cast a mess

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The backyard is open and the Big Brother 23 live feeds are providing a lot of content. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23 spoilers from the live feeds have evolved a bit since the end of Day 1, and Head of Household Frenchie may have a specific target that he is ready to go after in Week 1. Or maybe it is all part of the game that he claims to be playing in the house.

Through the first 36 hours or so of the summer 2021 season, the BB23 cast has been a complete mess. And that’s a good thing. With various overlapping alliances, multiple people targeting multiple other people for eviction, and a lot of closed-door dealings, it could all lead to a really unpredictable season.

As for Frenchie himself, his new claim is that he has been playing Telephone with some of the houseguests in order to figure out who he can trust and who he should really target for eviction.

For those readers unfamiliar with the game, the first person (Frenchie in this case) shares a phrase with a second person. The second person then presumably shares that phrase with a third person and so on. Within the world of Big Brother, Frenchie should be able to trust that second person not to share the exact phrase, but if Frenchie then hears that phrase from a third person, he knows the secret is out.

Is Frenchie a genius at this game? Or is he playing too fast and loose with his alliance-making? We will have to wait to find out for sure, but it seems like the other people on his team are starting to get a tad frustrated with what is going on.

Just how long will Team Joker’s other members (Azah Awasum, Britini D’Angelo, and Derek Frazier) continue to have his back? This is where it may get really messy in the BB23 house, and that could make for some great television.

And for anyone who didn’t already know, we have the Wildcard Competition results from Thursday. Christian Birkenberger achieved safety for himself, and then he chose Xavier Prather from his team to also be safe for the week. Now, Frenchie cannot nominate either of them for eviction.

Big Brother 23 spoilers: Who is Frenchie targeting for eviction?

Based on the most recent conversations that Frenchie has had with his teammates, he is going after Derek Xiao this week. This doesn’t exactly jive with Frenchie’s claim that he wasn’t going to nominate any women or people of color in Week 1, so it’s becoming hard to really trust what Frenchie is saying on the Big Brother live feeds.

The excuse here could be that his statement has simply evolved based on what he has learned in the house, but that might not fly with a lot of fans watching the live feeds intently. And they are definitely watching everything very closely.

Frenchie appears to be an unreliable narrator, where even the fans can’t trust what he is saying. But it might just be a path to winning that $750,000 if it works. Stay tuned.

Nomination Ceremony anticipation within the BB23 cast

At some point on Friday, July 9, the Big Brother 23 cast will take part in its first Nomination Ceremony. That’s when Brandon French will have to officially reveal who he is putting on the block this week. After that, Frenchie, the two nominees, and three other people will be playing in the Veto Competition.

The Power of Veto has the ability to shake things up even further this season, especially if someone like Derek Xiao wins it and saves someone else that could be a potential evictee. If Derek X wins the POV and saves Travis Long, then two people that Frenchie would be okay with evicting will become safe for the week. Then what? More mess. And we love it.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Frenchie says he plans to use pawns in order to backdoor Derek X. But will he find two people willing to risk their own personal games this early in the summer? We will all find out on Friday and as soon as we learn his nominees, we will make sure to pass on those Big Brother 23 spoilers.

Frenchie also said — after the Wildcard Competition — that Christian was the person he wanted out the most in Week 1. Whether that was the ultimate truth or not doesn’t matter at this point, because now Frenchie wants to get Derek X out of the house.

No matter how it all plays out, the producers are going to have a lot of footage to air on the next episode of the 2021 Big Brother TV schedule.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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