Big Brother 22 start date delayed, All-Star cast confirmed

Dan Big Brother
Dan Gheesling could return as part of the BB22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

CBS delayed the start date for Big Brother. The news comes as rumors still fly on social media about members of the BB22 cast going into quarantine early.

Had the Big Brother 22 schedule remained on time, the season premiere would have taken place at the end of June. Instead, the country was gripped by a pandemic, causing the production delays on several shows.

A lot of cast lists were also posted by former houseguests, seemingly confirming that a group of All-Stars would be playing the game this summer.

One fansite even joked about how much information CBS had actually confirmed.

Now, we have some breaking news about that Big Brother 22 start date, and it doesn’t look favorable for the short-term. It appears fans of the show still have a long wait for the new season.

Update on Big Brother 22 start date

A new report just came out from TMZ, which is based in California near where the Big Brother house is located.

According to the site, a source claims the timetable for the BB22 cast has been pushed back to the end of the month (July). That’s unfortunate because it means there is a bit of time left before the houseguests would even be sequestered.

There is some great news buried within the information, though, and it is the fact that Big Brother has not been canceled.

The network is still pushing hard to get it on television, even if there is another delay, forcing the production team to put on the brakes again.

BB22 cast is full of All-Stars

We previously reported that there was information suggesting former houseguests would be returning to compete as part of the Big Brother 22 season.

Now, TMZ has a source from the show that has confirmed this news.

The site states that their source says that an All-Star cast made the most sense because those contestants are already familiar with the show and its format.

There are still questions about what CBS is doing on Sunday, July 12, with some heavy hints on social media that a time slot on the television schedule has something to do with Big Brother.

It seems like this latest piece of news means everyone is going to have to remain patient and simply look forward to when CBS finally (and officially) reveals when that Big Brother 22 start date will take place.

If this new schedule plays out as advertised, CBS would likely air the season premiere early in August.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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3 years ago

So who’s the all stars I didn’t see any list

patrick clifford
patrick clifford
3 years ago

Starts July 26