Big Brother 22: Some fans accuse Memphis Garrett of using N-word, others unsure of video

Memphis Garrett On BB22
Memphis Garrett has created a Twitter storm with something he said on the Big Brother live feeds. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 has sure been stirring up the drama lately. Now, some fans think that Memphis Garrett used the N-word when he was discussing David Alexander on Wednesday night.

The clip was taken from the CBS live feeds and due to the nature of the complaints coming from some of the fans, it has even made its way over to TMZ.

Since the audio isn’t completely clear, though, there is a debate about what Memphis was actually saying to Cody Calafiore in one of the bedrooms.

What did Memphis say on the Big Brother live feeds?

Memphis and Cody were having a chat about David that was already turning negative. It followed many other negative comments that had been made about David by members of the BB22 cast.

Recently, Cody and Tyler Crispen were seen in the backyard comparing David to O.J. Simpson. Memphis blames David for Tyler even being on the block this week, despite the fact that it was Daniele Donato who put him there.

Below is the video in question. The audio isn’t completely clear, so we will leave it up to the readers to come to a conclusion about what Memphis says in the clip.

Among the theories from fans are that Memphis said “David is an idiot” or “David is” something more nefarious.

There are two videos shared below, with the first one coming from a wide-angle on the CBS live feeds and the second one being a closeup that was recorded by another fan.

What did Memphis Garrett really say in that clip?

It’s disturbing that this is a debate that is going on, and it’s terrible that so many Big Brother fans are so confident that Memphis would say something like this.

His behavior in the house and the negativity he has shown toward other houseguests have already painted a negative picture of him that convinced live feed subscribers that he is capable of speaking like this.

Last week, Memphis, Nicole Franzel, Christmas Abbott, and Daniele Donato were seen making fun of Ian Terry and his autism on the live feeds.

The very next night, Memphis, Cody, Nicole, and Daniele were seen having another laugh-session at Ian’s expense. When none of it was addressed during an episode of the show, quite a few fans of the show posted their anger over it on social media.

Even though the show didn’t address it, social media and sponsors of houseguests did take note, leading to Nicole losing a lot of the sponsors she has for her podcast with Victor Arroyo and on her social media channels.

Social media storm over Memphis videos

Twitter users are posting a lot about Memphis this morning.

This is another controversy that the show definitely didn’t need, but it may need to be addressed due to the social media backlash.

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