Big Brother 22 cast members Cody Calafiore, Tyler Cripsen compare David Alexander to O.J. Simpson

David Alexander Playing BB22
David Alexander is subtly playing an interesting game on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 cast members continue to disappoint the viewers at home. This time, it stems from Cody Calafiore and Tyler Crispen comparing David Alexander and his gameplay to the alleged crimes of O.J. Simpson.

The premise of Big Brother has always been based on the houseguests becoming comfortable with the cameras, but the cast of Big Brother All-Stars 2 may have become far too comfortable this summer.

Late night on the CBS live feeds, Cody, Tyler, Nicole Franzel, and Ian Terry were in the backyard having a chat. Cody and Tyler are still really upset with a game move that David made and are turning very bitter about it.

Some Big Brother spoilers are going to be addressed in the coming paragraphs, so be aware of that before continuing on.

Cody, Tyler mad David used BB Basement power

As Cody and Tyler continued to stew over the fact that David used his BB Basement power to get off the block, Ian and Nicole tried to tell them it wasn’t important to get him to admit it. Ian and Nicole tried to get them to just stop, but Cody and Tyler pressed on.

Below is a transcript of how the conversation started going and what each of the participants said. The transcript is followed by a video of it all taking place live on the CBS feeds.

“I want confirmation,” Cody said. “Everybody thought O.J. murdered his wife and he got off. Cause he didn’t say it”

“But it doesn’t matter,” Nicole chimed in.

“So, if a murderer does something or somebody does a crime…” Cody started.

“This has nothing to do with this,” Nicole interrupted.

“He did a murder,” Tyler chimed in. “He murdered me.”

“So somebody committed a crime,” Cody continued. “Get Tyler on the block. And so now the crime is so and we all think that David is the reason that he is there but we have no proof.”

“We need to find proof,” added Tyler.

It continues from there in the video shared below.

David had nothing to do with Tyler being on the block

David used his power to come off the block. That’s it. He didn’t get to choose a replacement nominee, so he had nothing to do with Tyler ending up on the block. He didn’t even suggest a replacement. That all falls on the Head of Household.

Daniele Donato put Tyler Crispen on the block and quite a few people are mad at David for doing it. That includes Memphis Garrett and Enzo Palumbo. As we previously shared, Memphis allegedly slapped David on the back pretty hard when the power got used.

Fans on social media are not pleased that now members of the BB22 cast are comparing David to O.J., not just due to the racial connotations, but also because David didn’t do anything to Tyler.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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