Big Brother 22 house tour: New inside images provided after remodel

Julie Chen will be dealing with some familiar faces on the BB22 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 22 house tour isn’t going to be the same as in past seasons, but that was to be expected with the health crisis taking place around the country.

At least there is still going to be a Big Brother 2020 season this summer, even if the season premiere got delayed by quite a bit.

CBS has an updated schedule ready to go that includes only one episode during the first week. And we may not get a real Julie Chen-led house tour, but at least we were all just given a few scraps of information.

The show posted some new images of what the inside of the house looks like following the offseason remodel. It will give the BB22 cast a new living environment as they all return to the game.

Big Brother 22 house tour

Below is the note that the Twitter account for the show left fans and some images from inside of the house. It’s not exactly what viewers want as the cast continues to remain a secret, but it’s a start.

Underneath the image of the tweet are larger pictures of the rooms that have been teased.

House Twitter
A look inside the BB house. Pic credit: @CBSBigBrother/Twitter
BB22 Bedroom
One of the BB22 bedrooms. Pic credit: CBS
House 2
BB22 house common area. Pic credit: CBS
House 3
A reverse look at BB22 bedroom. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother season premiere

The first episode of the new season takes place on Wednesday, August 5. It is going to be a live move-in episode and it is a good way to get the summer started with something fresh.

The BB22 cast still hasn’t been announced, forcing fans to rely on a lot of rumors that are out there. A possible cast list was posted by TV Guide, but it has not yet been confirmed by CBS or anyone on the production team.

In regard to people from production, Allison Grodner did an interview where she spoke about what viewers should expect this summer. Some of the things Allison touched on were being pleased with the cast, that Zingbot will be returning, and that there are twists coming.

There are still a lot of mysteries about the upcoming season, but we have a report on everything we know so far.

While some fans may be frustrated that this isn’t a cast of newbies getting to play the game for the first time, at least we are getting a season at all. Now, go set those DVRs!

Big Brother 22 debuts August 5 at 9/8c on CBS.

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