Big Brother 21 cast member Holly Allen throws more shade at Jackson Michie

Holly And Jackson BB21
Holly Allen and Jackson Michie teamed up on the BB21 cast. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 21 showmance between Holly Allen and Jackson Michie may have come to an end a long time ago, but both of them continue to post digs at each other on social media.

Jackson and Holly began a relationship inside the Big Brother house when they were both members of the BB21 cast. They then tried to continue that relationship in the real world, but it came to an end last June. Jackson and Holly each posted online that the relationship was over.

More recently, Holly stirred things up again by posting online that if someone had warned her about Jackson, that she might not have ever started up a relationship with him. Kat Dunn, who was also on the BB21 cast, quickly threw water on that with proof she had warned Holly.

And now, again, Holly decided to throw some shade in Jackson’s direction while answering questions on her Instagram page.

Holly reignites social media feud with Jackson

Posing a true or false question to Holly, one of her Instagram followers wrote, “You regret dating he who shall not be named from BB.”

Holly responded with “TRUE” before elaborating on the point.

“I always say that every relationship serves a purpose,” Holly stated. “Everybody comes into your life for a reason and I fully believe it’s all part of the journey. However, this is now a really odd feeling. Because this is the first time that I can say with conviction that I wish I hadn’t met somebody.”

Oh, and she also had a photo of herself and Jackson as the background — with Jackson’s face covered. That image was screenshotted and placed on Reddit.

Fans are definitely split on whether to support Jackson or Holly in this situation, but the overall thoughts from fans are not positive for either one.

Jackson admitted to being a drug addict

It was back in January that Jackson Michie came forward to admit he was a drug addict when he began playing Big Brother 21. It was a startling revelation by the Big Brother winner, and he went into a lot of depth when explaining what his life had been like before the show started.

Following that admission, Jackson also revealed that he started a YouTube channel. It’s a new way for his fans to keep up with his life – in addition to everything that he posts on Instagram.

For her part, Holly remains very active on Instagram and frequently has live sessions where she speaks to fans of the show.

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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