Big Brother 2020 spoilers: Who just got evicted from BB22 cast?

Nicole BB22 Noms
Nicole targeted Christmas and Memphis on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 2020 spoilers coming from the Thursday night episode are highlighted by the newly evicted houseguest.

In the previous episode, CBS viewers learned that Head of Household Nicole Franzel had left Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett on the block.

One of them will be heading to the BB22 jury by the end of the night, and it is up to Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo to decide which one.

This article will serve as a live blog for the October 15 Eviction Ceremony on Big Brother 22. Episode 31 begins at 8/7c on Thursday night and will lead to the cast getting down to its final four houseguests.

Eviction to get to the final four

Cody and Enzo were the only people with votes this week, leaving it up to them to decide if it was Christmas or Memphis getting sent to the jury house.

If there happened to be a tie in the voting, then Nicole, as the current HOH, would be the one to break that tie.

Cody was up first to vote and he voted to evict Memphis. Enzo was next up and he also voted to evict Memphis.

By a 2-0 vote, Memphis Garrett was evicted from Big Brother 22.

Memphis is now the seventh member of the BB22 jury, and it is going to be very interesting to see how people react when he arrives at the jury house.

More Big Brother news

For readers who don’t already know, there is a special Friday night episode of Big Brother coming up soon.

We also have a live blog that will relay results from the new HOH Competition this evening.

The season finale of the show is coming up on October 28, when the members of the jury will decide who gets to take home that $500,000 prize. It’s going to be an exciting night on CBS, especially since we will get to see the people who didn’t make it to the jury.

The road to the final two is going to be a bumpy one, though, especially with so many different scenarios that could play out in the coming week. No matter who wins HOH or winds up on the block, it all comes down to what happens with the Power of Veto.

The next episode of the show will air on Monday, October 19, and it will cover the rest of the HOH Competition and who got nominated for eviction.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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