Big Brother recap: A path to the final four and an eviction target

Memphis Nominated On BB22
Memphis Garrett got nominated for the first time on Big Brother 22 and might be in trouble. Pic credit: CBS

This Big Brother recap comes from the new episode on Wednesday night. It was time for CBS viewers to find out who won the Veto Competition and what happened with the Power of Veto.

As a reminder, during the last episode, Nicole Franzel won Head of Household. She then nominated Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett for eviction.

The new episode picked up with Diary Room sessions following the Nomination Ceremony. Nicole was first off, saying that she was targeting Memphis.

Christmas was worried in her DR, but she felt that Memphis might be the bigger target. When Memphis had his turn, he seemed to feel pretty safe, writing it off to having to see the block eventually.

Big Brother 22, Episode 30 recap

Memphis was shown acting very confident with Cody Calafiore a short time later, exuding confidence in the final two deal that they had set up. Cody then had a DR session where he talked about Memphis fooling himself.

Christmas was shown later with Enzo Palumbo, talking about what could happen in the game. Christmas asked him if he would use the Power of Veto if he won it. She presented the idea of getting Cody out of the house.

In a DR, Enzo spoke about wanting to win the POV to ensure that it didn’t get used. He also spoke about how he felt they might need to shift Memphis’s target to Christmas for the week.

Cody had a segment where he talked about a health scare that his girlfriend had been going through and how much he missed her. It led to a segment of Christmas talking about how much she missed her son.

Christmas would also meet with Nicole a bit later about aligning to make it to a final two. It’s something that was also featured on the Big Brother live feeds, where Christmas talked about wanting more respect for how she played on the BB19 cast.

Veto Competition time

The Veto Competition revolved around BB Comics, giving a funny segment where comics for each cast member were shown.

It was then time for the final five houseguests to play for the Power of Veto. Cody and Enzo appeared to have a lot of fun doing it for the first time. Nicole was very upset that Janelle Pierzina got to have a good comic.

When it was time for the results, we learned that Nicole won the challenge by nearly five minutes over Cody. Nobody else was even close to their times, and she really talked herself up during a Diary Room session about being “All-Star material.”

Veto Meeting results

At the Veto Meeting, Nicole decided not to use the Power of Veto. She kept the nominations the same.

Christmas and Memphis remain on the block for the upcoming Eviction Ceremony.

When we next see Big Brother All-Stars, Enzo and Cody will vote on whether to keep Christmas or Memphis in the game.

For readers who want to jump ahead, we have a pretty good idea of who is going to the BB22 jury next.

Big Brother airs Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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