Below Deck spoilers: Sunny and Ben hook up, Jared confides in Captain Kerry, and Fraser and Barbie reset

Sunny Marquis on Below Deck Season 11
Sunny forgives Ben on a crew night out on Below Deck Season 11. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck spoilers reveal the second crew night out brings about some changes for the yachties even if only for a hot second.

This week, Below Deck viewers learned more about Chef Anthony Iracane and his personal life.

As Monsters and Critics reported, fans have been showing love to the chef after he opened up on-screen.

There is more of Anthony sharing his life story in a new Bravo sneak peek.

Anthony reflects on losing his father a few years ago after Bosun Jared Woodin gives him props for his cooking skills.

That’s not all going down in the preview footage, as the fallout of the crew night out is front and center.

Drunken crew night-out talks lead to shocking moments on Below Deck

The footage kicks off with Chief Stew Fraser Olender and Stew Barbie Pascual hashing out their issues at the bar. Barbie admits she has an attitude, something she also did on Watch What Happens Live recently because she’s a spoiled brat.

Fraser makes it appear like they are having a fresh start to her. However, his confessional makes it clear she needs to filter herself.

The chief stew doesn’t seem as on board with a rest as he made out to seem when they were chatting in the bar.

Later, the group heads back to the yacht, where Ben Willoughby wastes no time putting the moves, Sunny Marquis in the hot tub. Sunny’s all in, too, forgetting how Ben threw her under the bus on the radio.

Things heat up between them, leading Kyle Stillie to offer to bunk with Barbie for the night so Ben and Sunny can have some alone time. Boy, do they ever have alone time with the first Season 11 crew hook-up happening.

Kyle, of course, had an ulterior motive, but it wasn’t so he could make his move with Barbie. Instead, Kyle gets to know her more as they talk in the crew mess where Barbie expresses her love of Judaism.

Captain Kerry Titheradge has advice for Jared Woodin

Not being able to talk to his daughter has Jared spiraling. We learn that Jared’s baby mama calls all the shots and has him on a strict schedule of when he can call or FaceTime with his little girl.

During a talk with Captain Kerry Titheradge, Jared reveals the pressure he’s under so he can simply be in his child’s life. Captain Kerry sympathizes with Jared, knowing all too well what it’s like to be unable to speak with his kids.

The captain offers Jared some words of encouragement to help him through this time. However, Captain Kerry reminds Jared that he’s there to do a job.

Will Jared be able to get the job done amid his struggles? Will Barbie have a next-day hook-up regret? How long will Fraser and Barbie play nice?

Those questions and more will be answered on upcoming Below Deck Season 11 episodes.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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