Below Deck fans show Chef Anthony Iracane some love after learning his wife left him for his uncle

Chef Anthony Iracane on Below Deck Season 11
Chef Anthony has Below Deck fans gushing over him. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans got to know a little more about Chef Anthony Iracane on the most recent episode of the hit yachting show.

The chef opened up about his hope of finding love. Anthony is all about love and wants to find that special someone.

Anthony also revealed that he married at age 26, hoping to start a family.

However, when Anthony’s wife left him for his uncle, life took an unexpected turn.

Right now, the only love in Anthony’s life is his cat, but the chef is hopeful about making his dream of a family come true someday.

The story had Below Deck fans telling Chef Anthony they love him.

Below Deck fans how Chef Anthony Iracane some love after learning his wife left him for his uncle

X (formerly Twitter) has been on fire since the Below Deck episode aired, as many viewers show up for Chef Anthony.

“I officially love Anthony,” wrote one X user. Another one expressed, “I love chef.”

There was one comment that spoke out about the chef’s positivity. A different X user admitted Chef Anthony is the favorite.

Chef Anthony comments on X
Pic credit: @CosmicallyChloe/@ElaineB15943992/@SalsaGuyNy/@veronicasaulito/@1chicklette/X

“Anthony is the first Frenchman on the BD series who is not totally annoying.” read one X.

The fact Anthony loves his cat was also brought up, as were several users feeling sorry for what happened to him with his wife and uncle.

Anthony being a cast favorite was reiterated more than once on the social media platform.

More Below Deck fans show Chef Anthony love
Pic credit: random_interests123/@williamdaviis/@Eris0303/X

More Below Deck fans show up for Chef Anthony Iracane left Below Deck after his marriage story

“Not Anthony’s wife leaving him for his uncle #BelowDeck,” said an X.

The incident was cold-blooded, and that is exactly how one person described it.

One X user wanted more details on what happened between Anthony’s wife and his uncle.

“#BelowDeck Damn his wife left him for his uncle…But Anthony still has his cat…” read an X.

Another X featured Anthony with his cat, and the user shared a newfound appreciation for him.

Anthony loving his cat was a common thing that many over on X could relate to and also appreciate.

Season 11 of Below Deck has proven to be filled with interesting and not necessarily likable characters.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Barbie Pascaul and her attitude have become a lot for Fraser Olender, but the stew finally admits she has a ‘tude.

Deckhand Ben Willougby has also been on the wrong side of fans this season. However, Anthony Iracane has earned a special place in the hearts of Below Deck fans because of his desire for love and love for his cat.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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