Below Deck Season 11: Will it premiere in 2023?

Hayley De Sola Pinto on Below Deck Season 11
Below Deck fans are waiting for the OG show to return. Pic credit: Bravo

Will Below Deck Season 11 premiere in 2023? That’s a question Below Deck fans are asking as fall roars on with no word about the OG show.

It’s that time of year when Below Deck should be heating up the Bravo airwaves.

However, instead of having Captain Lee Rosbach and crew back on-screen, Below Deck Med Season 8 has taken over Monday nights.

Season 8 of Below Deck Med has earned a lot of backlash from fans who are ready for Captain Sandy Yawn and her crew to be off-screen.

Unfortunately, Below Deck Med isn’t going away anytime soon, as the season has only just begun.

So, what does that mean for Below Deck Season 11? Let’s take a look at what we know.

Will Below Deck Season 11 premiere in 2023?

The signs are not looking good for Below Deck Season 11 to hit Bravo airwaves before the end of 2023.

Below Deck Med has only aired five episodes, which means at least 10-13 more are left to air in Season 8. Based on that information, Below Deck Med won’t wrap up until the end of December at the earliest.

Since the holidays are thrown in there, it’s a safe bet that Below Deck Med Season 8 lasts into January 2024. This would push Below Deck Season 11 to the end of January or the beginning of February, depending on the Below Deck Med reunion.

Well, if there is a reunion show, because not having one has become the norm for the Below Deck franchise.

Now, should Bravo decide to revert to airing double episodes on Monday night, like with Below Deck Down Under, the end date will change. The back-to-back episodes would move the season right along and make way for Below Deck to kick off in December.

The good news is that BravoCon is next weekend, so more information about Below Deck Season 11 should come out at the fan event.

Until then, let’s review the changes coming for the next season of the OG Below Deck show.

Below Deck Season 11 news

Chief Stew Fraser Olender will be back for another season in charge of the interior. Fraser did a pretty good job his first go around, considering there was a captain switch mid-season, and he had to deal with Camille Lamb.

It’s no secret that the most significant change coming for Season 11 is that Captain Lee won’t be heading up the series. As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Captain Lee wasn’t asked to return.

Below Deck Adventure star Captain Kerry Titheradge will be taking over for the stud of the sea. With this major change to show, Below Deck fans should expect a new crew, other than Fraser, to give Captain Kerry more of a fresh start.

Check back for updates on Below Deck Season 11 because new details should be dropping soon.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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