Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Daisy Kelliher promotes Hannah Ferrier’s yachting school, Bugsy Drake refuses to

Daisy Kelliher is a fan of Hannah Ferrier and her yachting school.
Hannah’s yachting school has a new fan in Daisy but don’t expect Bugsy to jump on board. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher has promoted Hannah Ferrier’s Ocean International Training Academy yachting school, but her former colleague Bugsy Drake refuses to do so.

Yes, the drama between Hannah and Bugsy has not subsided despite them not working together for over a year. They do not speak to each other.

However, since Bugsy’s on her book tour, she has been repeatedly asked about Hannah. The Art of Tablescaping: Deck Out Your Table with the Queen of Theme author even weighed in on the ongoing feud between Hannah and Captain Sandy Yawn.

Daisy, on the other hand, has nothing but love for Hannah. The Below Deck Sailing Yacht chief stew gave the former Below Deck Mediterranean alum mad props for her yachting school.

How did Daisy promote Hannah’s yachting school?

In a recent Instagram post, Daisy recalled people asking her how she got into yachting. Daisy grew up on boats all of her life, so getting into the yachting industry was easy for her.

She did have some excellent advice for those looking to get into the yachting, and it has everything to do with Hannah’s school.

“I cannot recommend Ocean International Training Academy enough as a way to get started. The mission of OITA is to create new opportunities for people who are exploring yachting for the first time,” Daisy shared. “Whether you’ve always had a passion for the water or just have had enough with your routine, @oceaninttrainingacademy will help you take the first steps towards a fulfilling life at sea.”

Daisy let her followers know they could learn more about Hannah’s yachting school by going to the link in her bio.

The post didn’t go unnoticed by Hannah or Below Deck Med alum Nastia Surmava who opened the school with Hannah.

Hannah comments on Daisy's post.
Pic credit: @daisykelliher87/Instagram

Why does Bugsy refuse to promote Hannah’s yachting school?

Bugsy has made no qualms about not referring people to Hannah’s yachting school. Although fans might feel it’s simply out of spite, that’s not the case.

“I don’t think I will be referring people to her course just because of the fact, and it’s not like a hating thing, but I’ve got like, you know, icons for other schools that are, I’ve had firsthand experience with,” Bugsy shared on Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

The Bravo personality recalled being jumped on for not referring people to Hannah’s school, and Bugsy has the perfect answer for the haters.

“And you know, every time I kind of promote these schools that I’ve actually gone through myself, people like jump at me like why are you not promoting Hannah’s school?” she explained. “And I’m like, well, I’d have never had my own personal experience, and I’m not going to promote something I’ve never had like firsthand experience with.”

The Below Deck family is a small one, and like all families, not everyone gets along. Daisy Kelliher from Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Bugsy Drake from Below Deck Mediterranean have very different opinions on Hannah Ferrier’s yachting school, and that’s ok.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo

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