Below Deck Med: Malia White slams cocaine accusations, Peter Hunziker stands by his claims

Malia White and Peter Hunziker have heated exchange on Instagram.
Malia and Peter are taking the Below Deck Mediterranean drama to a new level. pic credit: Bravo

Malia White has slammed cocaine accusations made by Below Deck Mediterranean costar Peter Hunziker, who is standing by his claim.

The bosun and the deckhand used social media to exchange barbs over claims Pete made about Malia in defense of Hannah Ferrier. It is the latest war of words involving two cast members from Season 5 of the Bravo reality TV show.

Their exchange further proves what fans have thought all along. There is no love lost between Malia and Pete. His “sweetie” and “sweetheart” comments set her off from day one.

It has been months since filming ended but the drama with Pete and Malia is still going strong.

Malia response to cocaine accusations

After Pete used Instagram Stories to accuse Malia of doing drugs, she fired back with her own message.

“Pete, suddenly I have a cocaine problem that I’ve never known about? How convenient. #stayclassy,” she wrote.

The bosun has become a champ at defending her actions since she ratted out Hannah for having valium on The Wellington. Malia insists it was her duty and job to tell Captain Sandy Yawn of the unauthorized prescription drug.

Below Deck Med fans are convinced it was payback for an argument with Hannah about cabin assignments earlier in the day.

Pete is sticking to his claim

Pete didn’t waste any time posting his response to Malia. The fired Bravo personality didn’t back down from his initial claims she does cocaine.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a problem Malia, but the only time I heard talk or banter about illegal drugs on board the boat was out of your mouth. Crew mess secrets? Beach club confessionals?” he said.

Now the war of words could have ended there, but Pete wasn’t ready to let the conversation end just yet. Pete decided to add another message to the drama with the bosun.

“There’s two sides to every story. Just remember when you point your finger at someone, there’s three more fingers pointing back at you and 1 up to the big man. peace and love,” Pete stated.

The Instagram account @belowdeckmedbravo managed to screengrab all three Instagram Stories.

Considering Pete was fired by Bravo for a racist post, he might not be the best person to point fingers. However, fans are happy to have anyone take Malia down a notch or two at this point.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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3 years ago

Hunziker comes across a sour grapes after his firing, especially since he was reprimanded over an issue with Malia. Who cares why Hannah was outed. The only real issue is why she thought it was ok to have the drugs in the first place.

connie haffey
connie haffey
3 years ago

If Malia is on BD again. I will not watch the season. We live in a world where these evils go on all the time. I am not going to be entertained by it.

3 years ago

bravo is trying to discredit him of course he knows if malia is doing eight balls or not