Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier opens up about Kate Chastain feud ‘I called her out’

Why are Hannah Ferrier and Kate Chastain feuding?
Hannah shed light on what made Kate angry with her. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier has opened up about her feud with Below Deck alum Kate Chastain. Hannah believes Kate’s angry because Hannah called her out.

Kate and Hannah are two of the most famous faces behind the Below Deck franchise. They were both chief stews that had a hand in the success of the two yachting shows.

At one point, Kate and Hannah were friends, but by BravoCon in 2019, a feud was brewing.

Why did Hannah call out Kate?

The fallout of friendship was brought up when Hannah stopped by Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast. Melissa was shocked to learn Hannah and Kate were no longer friends.

Hannah shared Kate wasn’t thrilled that Hannah was talking behind her back. Kate busted Hannah on it a couple of times, including at BravoCon.

However, the Below Deck Med alum insists she didn’t do Kate dirty.

“It was like we were friends, and then there was like we went to New York. That was basically just like a situation with my friends where I kind of called her out on. And I don’t think she liked getting called out, Hannah expressed.

Melissa tried to get more dirt, but Hannah wasn’t spilling. Neither Kate nor Hannah have spoken in-depth about the feud in public. They have each stated it had to do with Hannah talking behind Kate’s back.

“I just feel like other dragging people in the press and things like that. That’s not really my style. So, I’ve just never literally never said anything about it,” Hannah said.

Hannah knows Kate talks about her

It’s no secret to Below Deck or Below Deck Mediterranean fans that Kate doesn’t hide her true feelings regarding Hannah.

“Yeah yeah yeah, she’s said a lot in the press,” Hannah stated when Melissa asked if she was aware of Kate talking about her.

Kate shaded Hannah several times on her Watch with Kate commentary show that focused on several episodes during Below Deck Med Season 5. The former Bravo’s Chat Room cohost also doesn’t miss an opportunity to diss Hannah on social media.

The feud between Hannah Ferrier and Kate Chastain isn’t going away anytime soon. Kate told her side of the story at BravoCon.

“I mean, she said a lot of things, and they weren’t true, which really bothered me. She’s just kind of a person I don’t trust,” the former Below Deck chief stew spilled.

Kate and Hannah have left the Below Deck franchise in the dust but not their dislike for each other.

Are you Team Kate or Team Hannah?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Monday at 8/7c on Bravo.

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