Below Deck Med: Bobby Giancola talks new restaurant venture with Big Brother alum

Bobby Giancola form Below Deck Mediterranean has teamed up with a Big Brother alum on new venture.
Bobby has become quite the businessman since his Below Deck Mediterranean days. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Bobby Giancola talks about his new restaurant venture with someone that big Brother fans know, Memphis Garrett.

Bobby was introduced to Below Deck Med fans during Season 2. It didn’t take long for the former firefighter to become a fan favorite. Although he only did one season of the hit-yachting show, Bobby remains connected to the Below Deck franchise via Galley Talk.

Memphis appeared on Big Brother Seasons 10 and 22. The latter was an All Stars season, which introduced him to his now fiancé Christmas Abbott.

Bobby Giancola talks new restaurant venture with Big Brother alum Memphis Garrett

There’s no question Bobby is Mr. Popularity in the Below Deck family. Bobby’s often featured hanging out with alums from the yachting franchise.

Most recently, Bobby stopped by the Total Ship Show podcast to talk to his good friend and host, Malia White. Bobby and Malia met on Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

Malia referred to Bobby as the “mayor of Fort Lauderdale” as she listed his many entrepreneurial ventures, revealing his latest as a restauranter.

“I’ve got two now that I’m part owner in with a few guys, one of which is a big restauranter his name is Memphis Garrett,” Bobby spilled. “He was actually on Big Brother. He did two seasons of Big Brother. We met through mutual friends from Captain Alex, and so I’ve known him, it’s now 6-7 years. And you know, and he lives in Lauderdale now. So we’ve become really good buddies. He saw that you know I’ve been doing well and thought that I brought some value to the table to his team and was like ‘hey, do you want to do this with me,’ and I said ‘h**l yeah, let’s do it.'”

What are the two restaurants Bobby and Memphis own in Fort Lauderdale?

The first place the two reality TV stars opened is No Man’s Land, an eatery and cocktail bar that Bobby says has good portion tapas. Bobby also admitted the old fashions are really good, something Malia liked to hear.

“We’ve been open for two months. 2-3 not even three months, and we were in the top ten of South Florida restaurants,” Bobby gushed.

The Below Deck Med alum also shared the vibe is super cool, and music plays a big part in the restaurant. Wednesday nights are for Blues, while Sundays are for Jazz at No Man’s Land.

Ya Mas! Taverna is the other venture for Bobby and Memphis, which pays homage to Bobby’s love of yachting and the Mediterranean.

“We opened up Ya Mas, which is really awesome because it kind of pertains to being on Below Deck and being in the Mediterranean. It’s a Mediterranean style theme,” he expressed before adding, “I’m totally, you know, biased about it, but it is freaking awesome.”

Malia let Bobby know their friend and Below Deck Med alum Katie Flood has gushed over Ya Mas! Taverna to her.

Bobby Giancola has come a long way from his days on Below Deck Mediterranean. Not only is he now a restaurant owner, but Bobby traded in life on a boat for a life selling them.

Anyone in the Fort Lauderdale area should check out Bobby and Memphis’ two establishments, No Man’s Land and Yas Mas! Taverna.

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo. Big Brother is currently on hiatus on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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