Below Deck fans sound off on Season 9 reunion show

The Below Deck Season 9 reunion show has fans talking.
There was no shortage for craziness at the Below Deck Season 9 reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans have sounded off on the Season 9 reunion with some good, bad, and ugly comments about the show.

There’s no doubt that Season 9 of Below Deck brought a slew of controversy. Below Deck fans have a lot of mixed feelings about the season, especially the drama involving Rayna Lindsey and chief stew Heather Chase.

The racial slur Heather said stirred up a slew of feelings from Below Deck fans and Rayna, who has called for the show to be canceled after what happened to her.

Eddie Lucas has also been put in the hot seat by Rayna. She has said more than once he did nothing to help the situation with Heather and the racial slur.

It was one of the shortest seasons in Below Deck franchise history, and fans are okay with never seeing Season 9 on Bravo airwaves again.

Below Deck fans sound off on Season 9 reunion show

Twitter has been buzzing since the Below Deck Season 9 reunion show aired earlier this week. There are a lot of mixed emotions regarding the virtual chat, especially when it comes to Rayna.

“Rayna I really had your back until this reunion. Disgusting behavior girl bye,” one tweet read.

“Rayna spent all season mad at Heather for the N word but since the show it’s all at Eddie and production. She even tells Heather at the reunion she doesn’t think she is raciest. Clearly she just has to stay angry,” another user wrote.

Other Below Deck fans took issue with Eddie and his reaction to what Rayna was saying to him.

“This is one smug mf. All season he gaslights Rayna then while it’s airing say it’s not shown correctly THEN when he gets called out @ reunion he interrupts, argues, justifies & GASLIGHTS. All season he’s been a dismissive, sexist, bigoted jerk,” yet another tweet read.

Despite taking shots at certain cast members, most of Twitter could agree that the reunion show was boring. One user even called out Bravo for not giving Below Deck a proper reunion like the network does with all Real Housewives reunion shows.

Some Twitter users were upset at the lack of screen time crew members like Captain Lee Rosbach, stew Fraser Olender and chef Rachel Hargrove received.

Jake Foulger was unable to make the Season 9 reunion show. Below Deck fans felt his absence.

What did Below Deck fans like about the reunion?

It’s pretty clear from social media comments that Below Deck fans were disappointed in the reunion show. However, not everyone chose to point out the negative but rather share the positive attributes from the event.

One was Fraser drinking wine, which was seriously how most viewers were feeling watching the train wreck play out.

Deckhand Wes O’Dell was also called a gentleman for how he dealt with Rayna, not just at the reunion but during the finale. A recent interview Wes did with Gangplank Report podcast further proves he’s all class and heart.

Season 9 of Below Deck has officially come to a close. Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 begins soon, and hopefully, it squashes all the bad vibes from the Below Deck season.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.