Below Deck: Rachel Hargrove reveals best advice Captain Lee Rosbach gave her

Chef Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck shares advice Captain Lee Rosbach gave her.
Chef Rachel and Captain Lee have mutual respect for one another. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star, Rachel Hargrove has revealed the best advice Captain Lee Rosbach ever gave her.

The stud of the sea has become known for his witty one-liners and proverbial advice. Captain Lee has been a mentor to many during his time on Below Deck.

Chef Rachel certainly tested the captain with her “eat my cooter” comment and quitting in a fit of rage. The chef remains a phenomenal cook despite her actions, one of the best Captain Lee has ever had on the hit show. Rachel’s mad culinary skills are why the captain gave her a second chance, and their friendship was born.

Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck reveals the best advice Captain Lee Rosbach gave her

Over the past two seasons working together, Rachel has learned a lot from Captain Lee. The chef has mad respect for him, as do most crew members who work with him.

In a recent interview with the Escape to Reality podcast, Rachel admitted she got some great advice from the captain. The advice had nothing to do with yachting or cooking but rather dealing with being on a reality TV show.

“It was when I was learning how to deal with social media with the backlash of Season 8,” she expressed. “He was like ‘stay true to yourself and don’t focus on the negative. Just move forward and then go from there.’ And it really was great because it was just like, OK, cool. I just made jokes about everything. And then people were like, ‘Oh yeah, she doesn’t cry about it. We’re wasting our time.’ Find somebody else!”

The chef is so appreciative of Captain Lee. Rachel spilled they have banter that makes working enjoyable. There’s also sincerity when the captain gives a compliment, which Rachel adores.

Below Deck’s Captain Lee appreciates chef Rachel too

Captain Lee does a weekly blog throughout the season to discuss each episode. There’s no question that the majority of Season 9 featured him gushing, and rightfully so, over chef Rachel. She had a couple of mishaps but, for the most part, hit it out of the park.

Along with talking about Rachel in his blog, the captain and chef often exchange their fondness for each other on social media.

Recently, one fan’s Tweet about who the user would be more afraid of angering Captain Lee or chef Rachel didn’t go unnoticed by the captain.

“I sleep with one eye open. Just kidding. I love and trust that girl,” Captain Lee tweeted.

Captain Lee Rosbach fan tweet.
Pic credit: @capthlr/Instagram

Soon Rachel saw the tweet and gave her own reply.

“Me too Captain! Love and trust you as well… Thank you for the great banter this season on the Bridge! Your one of the few genuine souls still out there!” she wrote.

Chef Rachel fan tweet from Below Deck.
Pic credit: @HargroveRachel/Twitter

Rachel Hargrove from Below Deck has shared the best advice she ever got from Captain Lee Rosbach. The two have built a strong bond on the hit-yachting show over the two seasons.

As Below Deck fans move on from Season 9 and look forward to Season 10 the consensus is that hopefully, chef Rachel will be back for her third go-around.

Below Deck is currently on hiatus.

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