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Captain Lee Rosbach calls Season 9 ‘tough,’ tells Below Deck fans he respects their ‘judgment’

Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach thinks Season 9 was tough and has a message for fans.
Captain Lee has been awfully quiet during Season 9, and his silence hasn’t gone unnoticed by Below Deck fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has called Season 9 “tough” while telling Below Deck fans he respects their “judgment” about the season.

Below Deck Season 9 has come to an end. It was the shortest season since Season 5, with only 14 episodes, 15 including the reunion show.

Neither Bravo nor producers have given a specific reason for the shorter season. However, the season has been filled with controversy, including a less likable cast.

Captain Lee Rosbach calls Below Deck Season 9 ‘tough’

Ahead of the Below Deck Season 9 reunion show, Captain Lee admitted this wasn’t an easy season for him. The captain used Twitter to respond to a few fan opinions and questions as the season came to a close.

When one Twitter user asked if the captain would be doing a season-ending blog, Captain Lee was brutally honest.

“I’m thinking on it. To be honest, this season has been tough and I’m not sure that everyone is ready for the truth as I see it, so it remains to be seen, but if I do it will def be in the next day or two for sure, and if I decide not too, I will let you all know and why I didn’t,” the captain tweeted.

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  1. Rayna the Ignorant says “They didn’t want nothing to really be exposed …” She’s not just a card-carrying racist but also a lazy, uneducated idiot.

    • Rayna you’re a horrible human being. The fact that you wouldn’t have anything to do with below deck, well I’m sorry to tell you most of don’t want anything to do with you


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