Below Deck Season 10: Has the Bravo yachting show been renewed?

Will there be a Below Deck Season 10 on Bravo?
Below Deck Season 9 has come to an end and fans are already buzzing about Season 10. Pic credit: Bravo

Has Below Deck been renewed for Season 10? That’s the question Below Deck fans are asking now that Season 9 has come to an end.

The Captain Lee Rosbach helmed show has become a staple on Bravo. Below Deck has become so popular five spin-offs have emerged from the OG show.

Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht are already fan favorites. Below Deck Down Under and Below Deck Adventure are slated to debut this year.

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Galley Talk puts a twist on the hit-yachting show. Instead of focusing on crew members on a luxury yacht, the show focuses on Below Deck and Below Deck Med alum dishing on various episodes. The commentary show kicked off with Below Deck Season 8. Then returned for Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6.

Most recently, Galley Talk did a best of Below Deck, which featured iconic episodes from the hit yachting franchise. Only a handful of episodes aired the last time around.

So that brings us back to Below Deck Season 10. Is there going to be another season of the OG show?

Let’s find out!

Did Bravo renew Below Deck for Season 10?

Bravo has not renewed Below Deck for Season 10, but that’s doesn’t mean the show isn’t returning. The network never reveals if the yachting show has been renewed. It simply waits until the new season trailer drops to spill any details.

The OG show with Captain Lee has been ratings gold for the network. Although the seasons without Kate Chastain haven’t earned the best reviews from Below Deck fans, the show is still a mega-hit.

Below Deck Season 9 did have its fair share of controversy on Season 9. Rayna Lindsey put Bravo and producers on blast after Heather Chase said the N-word was at the top of the list.

No matter what goes down on Below Deck, the show continues to keep people talking. Even if Below Deck viewers disagree with what’s happening on-screen, they still tune in to see the drama and shenanigans.

Ratings aside, Captain Lee has no plans to leave the Below Deck. There is no way Bravo will cancel the yachting show until the stud of the sea is ready to say goodbye.

So, Bravo may not have officially renewed Below Deck, but all signs point to a Season 10 happening.

When will Below Deck Season 10 premiere on Bravo?

In the past, Below Deck has filmed from mid-February to late March, following the typical six-week filming process. Below Deck typically premieres on Bravo in the late fall.

However, this year could be different depending on how Below Deck Adventure is added into the mix. Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 will play out next, leaving either Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7 or Below Deck Adventure Season 1 to follow in the summer. Whichever spin-off doesn’t air in the summer could be pushed to the fall, and that would then push Below Deck Season 10 to early 2023.

The other option is that two of the shows will overlap. Perhaps, Below Deck Med and Below Deck Adventure will air simultaneously in the summer, taking over Monday nights again.

Only time will tell!

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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1 year ago

Why are guests allowed to throw golf balls , champagne corks over board ?
It’s insane how this behavior is allowed to harm the ocean wildlife even more than it already is taking place !?
Do these rich people have NO respect or shame for the environment ?
Well obviously NOT ?