Below Deck fans go wild over Captain Lee Rosbach thirst trap photo

Captain Lee Rosbach shares shirtless photo and Below Deck fans lost it.
Captain Lee has given Below Deck fans something to talk about yet again. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans are going wild over a Captain Lee Rosbach thirst trap photo, proving he’s called the stud of the season for a good reason.

Captain Lee may be in his early seventies, but he has Below Deck fans freaking out over him. Despite some recent health issues that have caused questions about his stint on Below Deck Season 10, the captain is looking fit as a fiddle.

Below Deck Down Under, Captain Jason Chambers has been making headlines for his young age and smoking hotness. Captain Lee just made it crystal clear that Captain Jason isn’t the only one Below Deck fans can swoon over.

What is Captain Lee Rosbach’s thirst trap photo?

Heading into the weekend, Captain Lee took to Instagram to give his followers a glimpse at what he’s been up to recently.

The shirtless picture showed the captain in excellent physical condition. It also featured the tattoo honoring Captain Lee’s late son Joshua.

Captain Lee has on swim trunks, with a dive mask on his head. The stud of the sea is holding a speargun and a pair of flippers.

“Time to hunt for dinner, fish or bugs, not picky. Love the water, on top or down below,” he captioned the jaw-dropping Instagram post.

Below Deck family and friends go wild over Captain Lee’s picture

While the captain is no stranger to sharing pictures on social media, the shirtless photo was something different for him. It didn’t take long for his photo to become flooded with comments, going wild over the stud of the sea.

The captain’s Below Deck family and fans couldn’t stop gushing over seeing a whole new side of him.

Below Deck alums who have worked with Captain Lee, Ashling Lorger, Connie Arias, and Kelley Johnson showed up to praise him. Below Deck Mediterranean alum Kasey Cohen also had a reply for the captain.

Pic credit: @captain_lee_rosbach/Instagram

Bravo superfan Jerry Jerry O’Connell got in on the action too.

Pic credit: @captain_lee_rosbach/Instagram

The majority of the comments referenced his captain status, while another joked about Eddie Lucas calling Captain Lee boat daddy.

Pic credit: @captain_lee_rosbach/Instagram

A few remarks had to do with having respect for his lovely wife, Mary Anne.

Pic credit: @captain_lee_rosbach/Instagram

Captain Lee Rosbach has once again got Below Deck fans buzzing over something he shared on social media. Instead of a classic clap back or one-liner, the captain gave fans a shirtless photo to talk about.

There’s no question the OG Below Deck captain has still got it!

Below Deck is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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