Below Deck Down Under: Tumi Mhlongo defends telling Aesha Scott crew members were bad-mouthing her

Tumi from Below Deck Down Under stands up for being snitch.
Tumi isn’t here for the haters. Pic credit: Peacock

Below Deck Down Under stew Tumi Mhlongo has defended her decision to tell Aesha Scott that crew members chef Ryan McKeown and Madga Ziomeck were dissing her.

Season 1 of Below Deck Down Under has featured a slew of crew drama that leads to someone getting fired.

Ryan has been a cause of a lot of tension aboard the M/Y Thalassa, with Captain Jason Chambers ready to kick the chef to the curb. Magda has also caused friction due to her need to text or call her boyfriend all day long.

In a previous episode of the Below Deck spin-off, Magda and Ryan bonded over their dislike of Aesha. They were bashing the chief stew and her work ethic in front of Tumi, who told Aesha exactly what was being said about her.

The trolls came for Tumni, calling her a snitch. Tumi though has a message for them as she not only defends her actions but stands by them.

Tumi Mhlongo defends telling Aesha Scott crew was bad-mouthing her on Below Deck Down Under

After receiving so much flak on social media for her actions, Tumi decided to set the record straight to shut down the trolls.

“So apparently I’m a snitch ? The reason why I went and told aesha is 1. She’s my friend 2. I was so tired of hearing the let’s not like aesha narrative and wanted to make sure she knew I was not apart of it #BelowDeckDownUnder,” Tumi tweeted.

Tumi defends her choice.
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

The tweet was met with several comments declaring that Tumi did the right thing.

Below Deck Down Under fans react to Tumi's tweet.
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

Tumi talks work ethic

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 has been filled with stew issues regarding rank on Season 3. Below Deck Down Under does not have that issue.

Tumi used Twitter to explain leadership respect and stew ranks in a series of tweets. The stew kicked things off with an admission that she didn’t realize at first they existed to “create order.”

“That being said I work purely based on my rank, and how I communicate with employees is the same! I want to allow a chief stew to lead the way they want,” Tumi wrote in the next week.

The social media messages ended with Tumi expressing her hope people will respect her leadership when she’s a chief stew. She also let it be known what people can do if they don’t.

Tumi respects stew ranks
Pic credit: @TumiMhlongo/Twitter

Tumi Mhlongo has stood up for her choice to fill Aesha Scott in on what was being said about her. That’s not all Tumi did either.

The South African native and deckhand Benny Crawley gushed over Aesha as a chief stew after the episode aired.

Below Deck Down Under airs Thursdays on Peacock.

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