Below Deck Down Under spoilers: Laura and Aesha face off over shift change

Laura Bileskane and Aesha Scott on Below Deck Down Under
Laura’s at it again on Below Deck Down Under. Pic credit: Bravo

It’s game on between Aesha Scott and Laura Bileskane on Below Deck Down Under Season 2.

Things have been rocky between the chief stew and the second stew, pretty much from the start.

Laura constantly second-guesses Aesha while giving herself props for being simply a better chief stew than Aesha.

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Below Deck Down Under fans have called out for her trashy behavior more than once.

The latest sneak peek at upcoming episodes of Below Deck Down Under reveals Aesha’s losing patience with Laura, and rightfully so.

Let’s just say tonight’s two episodes are must-see.

Laura complains about a shift change on Below Deck Down Under

The latest preview for Below Deck Down Under features Laura complaining to Margot Sisson about a conversation she had with Aesha. Laura wanted a break from the night shift, and Aesha said no.

In her confessional, Laura touts her experience as a chief stew before sharing that Aesha referred to her as not a yachtie. Laura goes on to threaten she won’t work well with Aesha following that comment.

Aesha calls out Laura for lying

After Laura complains to Margot and Aesha takes care of the guests, they regroup for a chat that goes south quickly. When Aesha says Laura wants to switch shifts because she’s tired, Laura blasts that she didn’t say that, causing a disagreement.

Thanks to a little flashback to the original talk, Below Deck Down Under fans can see Laura did say she was tired.

Once they move past that little spat, Laura reiterates she just wants a one-charter shift change. Aesha says no and explains that Margot isn’t strong enough on service.

Then Laura drops the bombshell that she wasn’t talking about Margot. Nope, Laura thinks Aesha should switch with her so Laura can catch up on her sleep.

The look on Aesha’s face is priceless, and it’s the perfect ending to the teaser video. Aesha will no doubt have the best confessional for Laura making that request.

It’s back-to-back episodes again tonight, and Laura isn’t the only one causing crew problems. Bosun Luke Jones crosses the line with his behavior in more ways than one, and there’s talk he gets fired.

We do know that someone gets fired on Below Deck Down Under Season 2. Right now, there’s no question that Luke and Laura are at the top of that list.

In other Below Deck news, Aesha’s good friend Hannah Ferrier has landed a new reality show, and you can read all about it here.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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Tammy Goodeill
Tammy Goodeill
10 months ago

Captain did the right thing.along with Arena and the camera crew

Karen km
Karen km
10 months ago

Aesha is an amazing chef stew& was totally professional in all aspects of lukes & Laura’s behaviour..I would imagine that’s the end of lukes career for sure..

10 months ago

Laura. She lacks morals, and that extra bathroom time does not help hid her round head