Below Deck Down Under spoilers: Aesha convinces Captain Jason to serve breakfast in budgie smugglers

Captain Jason goes all out for Below Deck Down Under charter guests. Pic credit: Bravo

It’s a double dose of Below Deck Down Under, and fans are in for a real treat, thanks to Aesha Scott.

In a new teaser from Bravo, Aesha has a little chat with Captain Jason Chambers.

The chief stew pitches an idea to the captain that leaves him blushing and shutting her down.

Aesha wants to have chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph whip up some eggs for the guests and have Captain Jason deliver them in a speedo or budgie smugglers, as she calls them.

Budgie smugglers are the Australian version of a Speedo, a super tight and tiny swimsuit for men.

Captain Jason merely grins as he shakes his head no, but that’s not good enough for the chief stew.

Aesha Scott convinces Captain Jason to serve breakfast in a budgie smugglers

“Please,” she begs before adding, “Everyone wants to see Captain Mchottie’s package.”

The comment has Captain Jason blushing even more as he laughs out loud at her. A flip of the scene features one of the charter guests waking up and walking out to breakfast.

Back with Aesha and Captain Jason, he puts his hands over his face while she keeps pleading with him to just do it. Aesha finally declares she’s getting him some budgie smugglers anyway. Captain Jason gives in with only one request.

“Not pink,” he stated.

Aesha wastes no time making a radio call to deckhand Harry Van Vliet to bring a pair of not pink budgie smugglers to Captain Jason.

Other Below Deck Down Under news

That’s not the only Below Deck Down Under spoiler making the rounds. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Captain Jason wants to fire Adam Kodra after a serious anchor mishap.

Below Deck Down Under has been riddled with drama for Season 2. The crew has been one to watch with boatmances, love pentagons, two near sexual assaults, and crew firings.

Culver Bradbury has found himself in the hot seat after hooking up with stew Jaimee Neale, despite flirting all season with chef Tzarina. The deckhand broke his silence on the topic that has earned him a slew of backlash this season.

Jamiee asked for kindness as the drama unfolds on-screen, too. The stew has also taken some heat for breaking girl code.

Season 2 of Below Deck Down Under is winding down soon, with a little more than a handful of episodes left to hit Bravo airwaves. That means so many more juicy entertainment moments are coming.

Below Deck Down Under airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Season 1 is streaming on Peacock.

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Robert Slater
Robert Slater
9 months ago

The whole male crew had to wear the “budgie smugglers”! All were hot especially Jason!! 🔥🔥🔥