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Below Deck: Captain Lee clarifies yacht hierarchy after Captain Sandy changes it to benefit Malia

Captain Lee calls out Captain Sandy for yacht hierarchy.
Captain Lee is not letting Captain Sandy’s favoritism go unnoticed. Pic credit; Bravo

Below Deck star, Captain Lee Rosbach has clarified the hierarchy after Captain Sandy Yawn changed it on Below Deck Mediterranean to benefit Malia White.

The most recent episode of the hit Bravo show has fans outraged for several reasons. One is the treatment of Hannah Ferrier, who Malia turned in for having valium on the yacht for mental health reasons.

Another reason is the clear favoritism Captain Sandy is showing Malia this season. The bosun runs to the captain with any teeny tiny issue, like being called “sweetie” or “sweetheart.”

Plus, the captain couldn’t wait to bring Malia’s boyfriend on as the new chef, after her micromanaging ways led to Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran being fired.

Captain Sandy changes yacht hierarchy for Malia

When Hannah didn’t want to change cabins so Malia could bunk with her boyfriend Tom, Malia ran to Captain Sandy again.

After whining to the captain about Hannah and the cabin drama, Captain Sandy made an executive decision to give Malia what she wants again. In her speech to the crew, the captain declared Tom as the highest-ranking person below deck, and it is his choice where he wants to bunk.

The speech prompted quite a bit of backlash on Twitter. Fans were confused as to how the hierarchy worked, claiming Captain Sandy was incorrect.

Captain Lee weighs in

Captain Lee has remained relatively quiet about the drama unfolding on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5. However, as Twitter exploded with questions regarding who ranked higher the chief stew or chef, the beloved captain shared his two cents.

“The bosun doesn’t outrank the Chief Stew, check the stripes, and the Chef doesn’t outrank the Chief Stew, they may be equal, and on some giga yachts, the Chef is under the chief stew and the purser. Just wanted you to have the correct info,” Captain Lee responded to a fan’s tweet.

Captain Leet yacht hierarchy tweet.
Pic credit: @CaptainLee/Twitter

Based on what Captain Lee stated, Twitter believes Captain Sandy is making up her own rules for Malia’s benefit. The decision is also a slap in the face to Hannah, who fans are convinced the captain wants to get rid of to make Bugsy Drake chief stew.

All of the backlash surrounding Captain Sandy Yawn on the current season of Below Deck Mediterranean has only made fans love Captain Lee even more. Even though Captain Lee favored Kate Chastain, viewers still believe he is “the stud of the sea.”

Captain Sandy plans to address all of the fan backlash in an Instagram and Facebook Live chat.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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