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Hannah Ferrier calls Malia White ‘snakey’ and ‘underhanded’ after her trust is betrayed on Below Deck Med

Hannah blasts Malia for betraying her trust on Below Deck Med.
Hannah is not holding back her true feelings for Malia. Pic credit: Bravo

Hannah Ferrier is calling Malia White “very snakey” and “very underhanded” after the bosun betrayed her trust on Below Deck Mediterranean.

There is no love lost between the Bravo costars. Hannah and fans are now putting Malia on blast for tattling to Captain Sandy Yawn that the chief stew had valium on board the yacht.

The bosun keeps sighting Maritime Law. Malia even used Instagram last week to explain her actions, which also spoiled the Below Deck Med episode.

All viewers see, though, is Malia being petty and vindictive for no reason other than Hannah refusing to share a cabin with Bugsy Drake.

Malia wanted to share a cabin with her boyfriend Tom Checketts, who replaced chef Kiko. When Hannah refused to room with Bugsy, Malia whined to Captain Sandy and got her way. She turned Hannah in for the valium after that blowout, which is why her actions seem spiteful to fans.

Hannah calls out Malia’s betrayal

Hannah jumped on Instagram Live to express her feelings over Malia’s actions following the emotional episode.

“I really didn’t realize that Malia and I were in such a bad place that she would do that. It’s just very snakey, very underhanded,” Hannah said, according to CheatSheet.

The chief stew feels betrayed by Malia because she thought the two were in a good place this season. Hannah believes they had built a good, trustworthy relationship and put all the Season 2 drama behind them. She was shocked and disappointed at Malia’s choice to betray her.

A calculated setup

There is no doubt in Hannah’s mind that what Malia did was a calculated set up as payback.

“I think if you were doing it for your job, you may have done it like the day after I had my panic attack. Not straight after we had an argument. It wasn’t very nice. I was really disappointed,” she expressed.

After all, Malia wasted no time informing the captain that Hannah had a “freak out,” as the bosun called it. Why would she not tell Captain Sandy about the valium then?

Hannah Tweet showing Malia's actions.
Pic credit: @Hannaherrier/Twitter

Like many viewers, the chief stew was excited for the season because three women were in charge on The Wellington. So much for women empowerment. Hannah now only feels ripped off.

As for whether Bugsy Drake was in on the setup, Hannah Ferrier doesn’t think so. She feels it was all Malia White being vindictive.

What do you think?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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  1. I think the 3 bullies Sandy, I refuse to call her a captain anymore, Malia and Bugsy had a plan as soon as Bugsy arrived Bugsy is a silent bullie I believe she is pulling all the strings , it was not going on before she arrived, she had it in for kiko she then set her sights on getting rid of him and bringing in Malias boyfriend remember her sister knows malia and her boyfriend and of course we seen a inkling of her against Hannah at the start with little remarks before she went in for kiko I’m sorry but I believe Bugsy is manipulating Malia and together Sandy. The 3 should be sacked immediately for their behavior and for defamation you have accused Hannah for being on drugs yes you said drugs to the whole world but they were prescription medications now Sandy knows Hannah has anxiety and I think Hannah would be a silly girl to let them get away with defaming her on national tv. Hannah has held her head up high and now has a beautiful partner and baby to look forward to , you have come out a winner regardless of how they have bullied and tried to smear your name all because some buck teeth b***h wants her job. Anyway congratulations Hannah all the best for your future and cannot wait to see your little bubs and I also cannot wait till kiko visits you in Australia. Bravo needs to fire the 3 bullies effective immediately if Hannah had a race issue they would be fired so what makes her any different? Also everyone should get behind Hannah and sign the petition against the 3 bullies.

  2. It was all about the sleeping arrangements ,when she told her to suck it up and change rooms ,that’s when I lost all respect for her and the captain ,if two people aren’t on the best terms but working ok together you don’t put them in the same room ,just stupid.!!!!!!

  3. Malia has her head so far up Sandy’s a** it’s disgusting. She knew exactly what she was doing. She and Bugsy plotted the whole thing. I don’t know how she thought she would come out looking like the good one in this mess. It’s obvious she is jealous of Hanna. I really hope they don’t bring her back next season.
    It’s really disgusting watching her.
    And… the way she talks to the deck hands is also disgusting!
    Bye Malia? ?

  4. Real bm chief no / bosun no/ girls scout yes ! Not even a fair weather sailor ! Dangerous hope no one gets hurt ! Also Mali’s said I’m a trained diving medic !! Coast guard rescue swimmer ! Embarrassed her self big rescue ! Left the one who can’t swim in life jacket s funny ! Dangerous

  5. Maritime lawyer malias quote lose my ????? U have nothing to lose ! Rat ! U lost a crew ! Being dumb ! Hanna was foing her job fine ! Poor leader skills 0 experience real bosun school starts in the North Atlantic in November ! 8 ft swell to tough ! Try 80-120 ft swells rollers then call yourself bosun !

  6. Cap sandy !! Freshwater captain ! Study those books kid ! Be a cap like me cartoon starring cap sandy called my dingy ! Cappy set the sails ! To windy 12 knots holding her own tied up at dock ! To funny batten down the hatches gonna be rough !

  7. Malia is a butt kissing wannabe,if she doesn’t get her way,watch out when she doesn’t get her way again, traitor is her new name!!

  8. Captain Sandy use to b my favorite but after last week’s episode she is no longer my number 1. What malia did was spiteful and ugly. She got her way and it should of been dropped.

  9. Honestly disappointed., this year. Never was a captain Sandy fan but this year sealed it. Malia is vindictive, whiney and bugsy annoying. Hanna has issues but wow.

  10. It was certainly edited to appear that Malia spitefully turned Hannah in. She seems to have known about Hannah’s valium since Hannah’s prior panic attack. She knew then it was a violation of maritime law, so why did she wait to turn Hannah in until it personally benefited her (i.e. she got to share a cabin with her boyfriend). Malia has shown herself in the past to be deceitful (remember how she had something with Chef Adam in a prior season, pretended she didn’t know him, and then played two crew men against each other romantically?).

    I don’t fault Captain Sandy for firing Hannah. It was the only thing she could do. I do think it was unnecessary to follow Hannah ashore and push her, when Hannah clearly just wanted some space. Sandy’s “I don’t care” in response to that was based on her own bad behavior. If she wanted to be professional, she would have done the firing cleanly, and then reached out to Hannah later. I don’t fault her for going on to shore, but she should have left immediately when it was clear Hannah was in no shape to have a talk/get comforted.


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