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Hannah Ferrier calls Malia White ‘snakey’ and ‘underhanded’ after her trust is betrayed on Below Deck Med

Hannah blasts Malia for betraying her trust on Below Deck Med.
Hannah is not holding back her true feelings for Malia. Pic credit: Bravo

Hannah Ferrier is calling Malia White “very snakey” and “very underhanded” after the bosun betrayed her trust on Below Deck Mediterranean.

There is no love lost between the Bravo costars. Hannah and fans are now putting Malia on blast for tattling to Captain Sandy Yawn that the chief stew had valium on board the yacht.

The bosun keeps sighting Maritime Law. Malia even used Instagram last week to explain her actions, which also spoiled the Below Deck Med episode.

All viewers see, though, is Malia being petty and vindictive for no reason other than Hannah refusing to share a cabin with Bugsy Drake.

Malia wanted to share a cabin with her boyfriend Tom Checketts, who replaced chef Kiko. When Hannah refused to room with Bugsy, Malia whined to Captain Sandy and got her way. She turned Hannah in for the valium after that blowout, which is why her actions seem spiteful to fans.

Hannah calls out Malia’s betrayal

Hannah jumped on Instagram Live to express her feelings over Malia’s actions following the emotional episode.

“I really didn’t realize that Malia and I were in such a bad place that she would do that. It’s just very snakey, very underhanded,” Hannah said, according to CheatSheet.

The chief stew feels betrayed by Malia because she thought the two were in a good place this season. Hannah believes they had built a good, trustworthy relationship and put all the Season 2 drama behind them. She was shocked and disappointed at Malia’s choice to betray her.

A calculated setup

There is no doubt in Hannah’s mind that what Malia did was a calculated set up as payback.

“I think if you were doing it for your job, you may have done it like the day after I had my panic attack. Not straight after we had an argument. It wasn’t very nice. I was really disappointed,” she expressed.

After all, Malia wasted no time informing the captain that Hannah had a “freak out,” as the bosun called it. Why would she not tell Captain Sandy about the valium then?

Hannah Tweet showing Malia's actions.
Pic credit: @Hannaherrier/Twitter

Like many viewers, the chief stew was excited for the season because three women were in charge on The Wellington. So much for women empowerment. Hannah now only feels ripped off.

As for whether Bugsy Drake was in on the setup, Hannah Ferrier doesn’t think so. She feels it was all Malia White being vindictive.

What do you think?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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