Bachelor in Paradise: Here’s why some believe the show is already filming

Is Bachelor In Paradise back in business?
Is Bachelor In Paradise back in business? Pic credit: ABC

ABC announced that Bachelor In Paradise will be returning for its highly anticipated Season 7 on August 16th.

As always, production has been trying to keep the location and cast members hidden from Bachelor Nation.

Something that franchise alum Nick Viall posted on his social media is making fans think that the spinoff may be currently filming.

He also gave a hint as to who else may make a cameo on the show.

Bachelor In Paradise’s Nick Viall shares vacation photos with some of the show’s alumni

Nick Viall treated his Instagram followers to a mini-reunion with some of his former castmates.

He posted a series of Instagram stories with friends Jared Haibon, Ben Higgins, Wells Adams, and Dean Unglert in front of a gorgeous sunset.

Jared Haibon
Jared Haibon Pic credit: Instagram / @nickviall

A Cosmopolitan reporter was the first one to connect the dots to BIP, once they figured out that the group was vacationing at a resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. As most fans know, Mexico has been the franchise’s paradise since the very beginning. More specifically, the show is filmed in a town in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico.

Now, is this a coincidence, or are the boys actually getting together as a result of BIP-related reasons?

Ben Higgins
Ben Higgins Pic credit: Instagram / @nickviall

The originator of this theory thinks that Nick may have stepped up to be the host of this season of BIP, and the others may guest star as the “success stories,” to help the contestants navigate the competition.

Well, there is certainly some evidence that there may be truth to this speculation.

Why were all of these Bachelor beaus in Mexico?

It is important to note that all of these men are in successful relationships, many of which are headed towards wedding bells.

Jared Haibon is married to Ashley Iaconetti, who he met on BIP, and the two are currently trying to have a baby. Also, Haibon has already returned to the show recently to make a quick appearance on Matt James’s season of The Bachelor.

Ben Higgins proposed to his longtime girlfriend Jessica Clarke in March 2020, but the pandemic put a pause on their plans for a while. The couple has been spending their time planning their wedding ever since.

BIP sweethearts Dean Unglert and Caelynn Miller-Keyes just bought a home together in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Dean Unglert
Dean Unglert Pic credit: Instagram / @nickviall

The biggest clue that hints towards BIP currently filming is the fact that Wells Adams was with the group.

Wells Adams
Wells Adams Pic credit: Instagram / @nickviall

Bachelor Nation knows that the franchise’s resident bartender follows the crew wherever they go.

When The Bachelorette started filming last year, the first glimpses into the season featured Adams. This also sparked rumors at the time that producers were going to try to wrangle together a season of BIP. But unfortunately, COVID-19 safety concerns deprived audiences of another summer of love.

Another piece of evidence is that if ABC has already set the season’s premiere date for mid-August, production must have already begun or has to start rolling their cameras soon.

Is it possible the boys came down to Mexico to guest star on the show, then took a plane ride to the popular tourist destination of Cabo San Lucas?

Perhaps fans will just have to wait until the Season 7 premiere to see if this is the truth.

Bachelor In Paradise is set to premiere on August 16 on ABC.

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