Ashley Jones makes her debut on new season of Teen Mom 2 with boyfriend Bar and daughter Holly

Ashley Jones of Teen Mom 2
Ashley Jones, formerly of Young + Pregnant, joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 alongside boyfriend Bar and their daughter, Holly. Pic credit: MTV

Ashley Jones, formerly of MTV’s Young + Pregnant, has joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 and appeared in the season premiere with her boyfriend, Bar and their daughter, Holly.

The 24-year-old MTV personality was shown in a clip, making her Teen Mom 2 debut, where she talked about replacing Chelsea Houska, whose spot she filled on the show after Chelsea announced her departure from the franchise last year after 10 seasons.

As Ashley sat down with her boyfriend and baby daddy, Bar Smith, she told him, “I was honestly hoping that Chelsea did not quit. You have to think, I’ve been watching her and them for years.”

Ashley admitted that replacing Chelsea made her “nervous.”

Ashley was introduced to MTV viewers in 2018 on Young + Pregnant

Ashley first made her MTV debut on Teen Mom’s Young + Pregnant in 2018 when she was 19 years old and welcomed her daughter, Holly, who is now three years old.

After she gave birth to Holly, the young mom admitted that things “got rocky between” her and Bar. Their families did not get along, which was a huge problem between the young couple, and Bar’s mom even ended up leaving her baby shower when the two families got into a scuffle.

Ashley explained that she and Bar tried to make their relationship work a few times, but as Ashley put it, “Bar had a lot of issues, and I didn’t feel like he was trying to get his life together.”

Ashley got emotional as she explained to her mom that she takes care of her and Bar’s daughter, Holly, while also taking care of Bar and still finding time to go to school and to work.

Ashley and Bar’s relationship has been rocky, but they’ve made improvements

She admitted that she had trouble getting over her resentment toward Bar and the couple thought they were done “for good” after their last breakup. But a few months later, they tried to make things work once again.

Bar stopped partying and the young couple improved their communication with each other. After graduating from medical assisting school, Ashley has continued working toward a nursing degree.

In an effort to remove themselves from “the chaos,” Ashley and Bar took the next step and rented a home together, located a few hours away from their families.

Things looked to be going smoothly, until Bar got a DUI and had to wear an ankle monitor. She admitted, “Our relationship isn’t perfect and we do struggle here and there, but we’re committed to making it work.”

Ashley and Bar sat down and talked about how their relationship has gone pretty smoothly over the last year, noting that Ashley has improved her attitude and Bar has limited his drinking. Ashley admitted that she felt as though they were partners now.

Ashley and Bar took a ‘step back’ and found what works for their relationship

Things were going so well that the two decided to take a beach vacation to celebrate their upcoming five-year-anniversary.

Ashley told the cameras, “I think a lot of Bar and I being able to kind of come together this year was taking a step back and realizing like, look, every issue does not deserve you to FedEx beef to their front door, like you could just chill sometimes.”

“But I also feel like I can tell him, like, I need this from you and he will do it, and so that works perfectly for us.”

Now that Season 11 of Teen Mom has premiered, fans can catch up with Ashley, Bar and Holly and keep up with the rest of the veteran cast.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

All episodes of Teen Mom 2 are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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