Are You The One? global edition announced: Here’s what we know about the upcoming season

are you the one season 7 cast at reunion
Are You The One? Season 7 cast members attend the reunion show. Pic credit: Paramount+

The reality TV show Are You The One? has a brand new season of the dating competition series the way. The latest season will feature cast members from around the globe trying to find “The One.”

There have been eight seasons of the show on MTV, and it even helped bring cast members to the network’s other popular reality show, The Challenge.

However, viewers will have to watch the newest AYTO season on a different network, as it is officially moving off MTV. Here’s what is known about the upcoming season so far.

Are You The One? returning, will go global

On Thursday, Variety reported that the popular dating series, Are You The One? will have an all-new international edition. The show will feature 22 single men and women from all over the globe who will undergo an “extensive matchmaking process.”

The singles will live together in an international location, all under the same roof, in an attempt to find “The One.” Not only is love on the line, but a substantial cash prize, as the singles can try to figure out all 11 perfect matches each week.

Based on Variety’s report, only one AYTO season’s cast failed to identify the perfect matches, meaning all cast members went home empty-handed.

The most recent Are You The One? season was the eighth installment of the series and ran from June through September 2019 on MTV. It featured the first-ever dating show with sexually fluid cast members, who discovered their sexual and gender identity during the competition.

It’s yet to be revealed if the global edition will have the same situation with prize money and if it will also feature sexually fluid cast members.

As mentioned, more than a few Are You The One? cast members have appeared on MTV’s competition series, The Challenge, with some becoming regulars. The most recent season, Spies, Lies & Allies, featured AYTO 3’s Devin Walker, Nelson Thomas, and Amanda Garcia, as well as AYTO 4’s Tori Deal.

Of those cast members, Devin, Nelson, and Tori reached The Challenge final, with Tori finishing in second place alongside teammate Kyle Christie. Devin finished in third place with teammate Emy Alupei, while Nelson got eliminated by Kyle in a twist on the second day of the final.

When and where to watch Are You The One?

So far, details for the premiere date of the new Are You The One? season are unknown. However, it’s been revealed that the series is moving off MTV and onto Paramount Plus, which brings a monthly charge for subscribers.

The streaming platform currently has previous seasons of Are You The One? available to watch, except for Season 3 and 5.

There are also past seasons of MTV’s The Challenge, as well as the new spinoff series, The Challenge: All Stars, and several Real World Homecoming seasons available on the platform.

Several weeks ago, it was revealed that Paramount Plus would premiere The Challenge: All Stars 3 in May. They also have a new season of Real World Homecoming on the way, featuring the New Orleans cast. Additionally, a global competition series called The Challenge: War of the Worlds was announced with no premiere date given.

Casting for the global edition of Are You The One? is expected to begin this spring. Based on details from Variety, production for AYTO’s new season will start this summer.

Are You The One? premiere date is TBA for Paramount Plus. The Challenge: All Stars 3 premieres on May 11 on Paramount Plus.

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