Annemarie Wiley says Crystal admitted ‘off camera’ that she ‘lied’ about her for a storyline

RHOBH stars Annemarie Wiley on WWHL, and Crystal Minkoff screenshot
Annemarie Wiley slams Crystal Minkoff. Pic credit: Bravo Media

We’re eagerly counting down to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13 reunion, and things are already getting heated among the cast.

Annemarie Wiley teased the reunion on social media moments ago and slammed Crystal Minkoff in the post.

The duo has been going at it all season long, and it’s obvious they still haven’t resolved their issues.

The RHOBH reunion trailer showed the two women facing off, with Crystal calling the newbie a liar in the clip.

However, according to Annemarie’s recent post, she claims it’s Crystal who’s been lying about Annemarie for a storyline, and she allegedly fessed up to it “off camera.”

Annemarie made the eye-opening accusations against the Real Coco founder in a lengthy message, and now we’re just waiting for Crystal to respond.

Did Crystal Minkoff admit ‘off camera’ to lying about Annemarie Wiley for a storyline?

Annemarie shared a photo as she posed in her shimmery blue dress for her first reunion, and while she looked stunning it was her caption that had us doing a double take.

First, the RHOBH newbie didn’t mention Crystal’s name in the post, so we’ll make that clear.

However, the situations she mentioned in the lengthy caption “Keys to a clear conscience” all point to Crystal.

“Do not backstab someone, then admit to them off camera that you lied about them for a storyline, then cry on their shoulder behind closed doors about keeping up the lie,” wrote Annemarie.

The nurse anesthetist noted that the person in question claimed they were stressed out due to their feud, which led to elevated blood pressure – hint, hint, Crystal’s medical issues in Spain.

In one section of the post, she also wrote, “Do not misrepresent the truth about someone else’s character, career, or integrity to give yourself a storyline- especially when you have a well-documented history of being a pathological liar.”

Annemarie also called Crystal a liar in the RHOBH reunion trailer

The RHOBH reunion trailer proves the feuding twosome left the stage without much resolve, which means more drama next season.

Annemarie and Crystal were only briefly featured in the clip.

“I don’t wanna be part of your system of lies,” said Annemarie to her castmate.

Meanwhile, Crystal responded by calling out the newbie for her lies earlier in the season, when she suggested that Sutton Stracke’s esophagus issue was due to an eating disorder, then tried to pin it on Crystal.

“Are you ever gonna apologize to me for saying that I said she had an eating disorder?” retorted Crystal.

Check out the Season 13 reunion teaser below.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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