Andrew from 90 Day Fiance’s mom Lori spoke out about the real scandalous reason Amira didn’t come to America

Andrew’s mom revealed an alternative reason why Amira never made it to America. Pic credit: TLC

During this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, viewers saw Andrew’s mom and sister chime in with their thoughts of Amira and why she didn’t come to America – but Andrew’s mom Lori was apparently holding back on the real tea.

One follower on Instagram was able to capture a story Lori posted which said, “Amira didn’t get on the plane because she was demanding money! Breakup had nothing to do with kids. I was standing right there when it happened!”

Fans are speculating that “Amira was trying to negotiate more money from production and barter with her participation in coming to the US…when they didn’t comply she refused to continue to film…and then ghosted Andrew.”

With these accusations in mind, fans now know Lori was holding back during the lunch with Andrew when she said his quarrel with Amira was over thinking that Amira made the panic attack up to avoid confronting Andrew about her choice.

Either way, fans may not have been surprised by this accusation, but they did have a lot to say about the situation.

90 Day Fiancé fans shared their opinion on Lori’s claim

Instagram post from Andrew Kenton's mom
Lori spilled the T on Instagram. Pic credit: @90daysonblast/Instagram

Many 90 Day followers are so sick of Andrew that their marred opinions of him have carried over to his mom’s assertions.

Going on the assumption that Lori’s statements are true, one fan said they would have asked for more money just like Amira allegedly did for having to deal with Andrew more.

Instagram post from Andrew Kenton's mom
Fans give their opinion on what Lori said. Pic credit: @90daysonblast/Instagram

Another person wondered why she didn’t say this when she was at lunch and on camera with her son instead of just making him look stupid for not having any answers.

Instagram post from Andrew Kenton's mom
Followers criticized Lori. Pic credit: @90daysonblast/Instagram

One follower questioned Lori’s character and ability to tell the truth when they said, “How do you know this is true Lori seems a lil crayyyy.”

Instagram post from Andrew Kenton's mom
fans give their opinion on Lori. Pic credit: @90daysonblast/Instagram

Many fans on Reddit attached themselves to Lori’s claim that she faked an anxiety attack, and one person said, “This is how Andrew got the way he did. You could tell he was hiding the crap he did/said to Amira. He knows he did her dirty.”

Reddit comments about Andrew Kenton
Reddit users weighed in on Lori’s comments. Pic credit: @iamannahearmeroarrr/Reddit

Lori has never liked Amira and previously went so far as to comment on Amira’s picture and say that she looks like mud.

Andrew’s antics have been in the spotlight the entire season

In the fallout of his breakup with Amira, fans have been all over him, calling him out for being a 90 Day Fiance villain.

He launched a fight with David Toborowsky and has admitted that he is indeed a “d-bag.”

He first got under fans skin when he had a noticeable lack of empathy for Amira’s plight during and in the wake of the failed Mexico trip. He did not support her how she needed, and fans got a glimpse of his gaslighting nature.

He will have a chance to defend himself on the Tell All next week, and to address anything else that is on his mind.

90 Day Fiancé airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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