Amy Duggar King shades Josh Duggar again, says ‘we put dogs asleep for good if they just bite a child’

Amy Duggar King on 19 Kids and Counting.
Amy Duggar King is continuing to throw shade. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King isn’t staying silent about what’s happening in her family. 

The Duggar cousin rose to fame when she appeared on their reality TV shows before 19 Kids and Counting was officially canceled in 2015. 

Over the last week, Amy has been vocal about her disgust over Josh Duggar standing trial on child pornography charges. 

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Amy Duggar King talks about dogs that bite children being put to sleep

Throwing shade and making snide comments has become the go-to for Amy Duggar King on social media. She hasn’t named anyone yet, but her comments aren’t coded and who she is referring to is easily detectable. 

Her most recent tweet has caused quite a stir because she mentions putting dogs to sleep for biting kids, and it is being inferred she is shading Josh Duggar in the process. 

She tweeted,”Hmm think about it we put dogs asleep for good if they just bite a child…”

Amy's tweet about dogs.
Pic credit: @amyduggar/Twitter

Both Amy and her mom, Deanna Duggar, have been outspoken this week about wanting justice served. They have talked about the evil and the filth, referring to the deeds Josh is accused of doing in federal court. 

Amy Duggar King isn’t staying silent 

This isn’t the first shade Amy Duggar King has thrown, and it likely won’t be the last. 

The former reality TV star called out Laura DeMasie on Instagram after the Duggar friend agreed with a comment on her post about not dogging the family. She even challenged her about knowing who she is working for, leaving Duggar fans and critics stunned. This has been one of the more bold moves from the Duggar cousin.

Her support lies with the people who are testifying. Amy specifically tagged the Holt family and Jill Duggar on social media as they get ready to testify. Bobye Holt already took the stand during the pretrial, and she is expected to retake the witness stand when the trial resumes this week. 

Jill Duggar, and her brother, Jedidiah Duggar, were also named as potential witnesses during the pretrial hearings. It’s not clear if or when they will testify as so far, law enforcement officials and computer experts have dominated the three days of testimony. 

Amy made it clear she was not attending the trial, but based on her comments on Instagram and Twitter, she keeps up with what’s happening and calls out what she feels is inappropriate.

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