American Horror Story: Delicate viewers stunned at Kim Kardashian’s acting skills

kim kardashian attends 2019 E! People's Choice Awards
Kim Kardashian received praise from many AHS viewers for her performance in Delicate, so far. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Kim Kardashian, best known for her appearances in E! ‘s Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Hulu’s The Kardashians, isn’t generally recognized for her acting skills.

However, she’s made her official debut as a character in the American Horror Story franchise, and many viewers were surprised by what they’ve seen from the reality TV star.

Kardashian plays Siobhan in the latest AHS season, American Horror Story: Delicate. Siobhan is a publicist and best friend of Anna Victoria Alcott, a highly-touted actress played by AHS regular Emma Roberts.

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In the past few weeks, preview footage and trailers arrived, which gave an early glimpse at Kardashian as Siobhan. That included a teaser video that dropped on Wednesday before FX’s premiere episode.

The spotlight was given to Kardashian in a teaser titled “Kim Kardashian Faces Her Fears.” It also features the reality TV star in costume talking about the role. She mentions how the lashes for her look freaked her at one point because when she saw them sitting on a counter, she believed it was a spider.

“Anytime you try something, you just have to have the intention of growing and challenging yourself,” she said in the video (below) regarding her acting in AHS.

American Horror Story: Delicate | Teaser - Kim Kardashian Faces Her Fears | FX

It’s not Kardashian’s first foray into on-screen roles or attempts at acting. She previously appeared as a host on Saturday Night Live in various skits, relying upon the teleprompter, but still seemed to pull off multiple roles.

In addition, she’s had cameo roles in TV shows such as 2 Broke Girls, CSI: NY, and Drop Dead Diva, and movies including Ocean’s Eight and Disaster Movie. In addition to AHS, her voice is part of PAW Patrol: The Might Movie, which arrives in theaters on September 29.

While those are primarily cameos as herself, she’s taken on a unique role as a character similar to her mother, Kris Jenner, in American Horror Story. That may have helped her find the right inspiration to play the part. As Monsters and Critics previously reported, Kardashian took acting lessons in preparation for the role.

Fans react positively to Kim Kardashian in AHS premiere episode

Only one episode has arrived from the Delicate season of AHS, so viewers haven’t had too much time to critique Kardashian’s acting skills or attempts. However, some fans seemed ready to give her a chance, applaud her work, or nominate her for awards.

twitter commenter praises kim k in ahs
Pic credit: @jemmiemonterio/Twitter

Early reviews from some viewers seem mostly positive, with at least one or more Twitter/X users seeming surprised by Kardashian’s acting.

Based on her performance, a commenter said Kardashian “nailed” the role and has a big “future” in acting.

One commenter suggested The Kardashians star should land an Emmy nod and win the award for her work. However, it’s worth noting that she would likely be nominated for a Supporting Actress rather than Best Lead due to her character in the show.

Another Twitter/X user remarked that they were “posting everywhere how much of a slay” Kardashian is in American Horror Story so far.

Other critics slammed Kim K’s AHS performance

While Kardashian got her share of fanfare, others weren’t buying into her playing a character on the popular horror series.

One individual said they’d been a “die hard fan” for the last 11 seasons of AHS, “but this season ain’t it,” adding that Kardashian “can NoT act.”

“Kim Kardashian can’t act for s**t, her acting in the new AHS Delicate is abysmal. Who tf thought this was a good idea?” another critic said of the reality TV star’s performance.

critic slams kim kardashian after american horror story
Pic credit: @thinkandblink12/Twitter

Another commenter called Kim’s performance “The worst acting ever” and said they wouldn’t be watching the season after what they saw from AHS.

kim kardashian critic slams her acting in delicate
Pic credit: @OfficialJubes/Twitter

While there are mixed reviews, the season is only one episode deep. Some were impressed enough to keep watching Kardashian on screen, while others had enough after one episode.

For those who missed the premiere when it aired on FX, individuals with access to the Hulu streaming service can watch it on-demand.

The best news for Kardashian fans is that she’ll soon be on another Hulu show that many consider her best work. The Kardashians will premiere a fourth season on Hulu next week, giving Kardashian’s biggest supporters even more content to watch along with American Horror Story: Delicate.

American Horror Story: Delicate airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX. The Kardashians Season 4 premieres on Hulu on September 27.

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