American Horror Story: Delicate trailer featuring Kim Kardashian reveals plot for Season 12

reality tv star kim kardashian at wsj event
Kim Kardashian will play Siobhan Waslh in American Horror Story: Delicate. Pic credit: ©

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has officially crossed over into horror, as The Kardashian star appears in a new trailer for American Horror Story’s upcoming season.

Titled Delicate, it will be the 12th season for AHS, the award-winning fictional horror anthology series from Glee creator Ryan Murphy.

Teaser trailers for the season were revealed over the past month or so, with Kardashian under the spotlight as she looks to expand her acting resume.

She appears in the newest trailer, released Wednesday, featuring her notable co-stars Emma Roberts, Matt Czuchry, and Cara Delevingne.

Roberts is returning for yet another season, having previously appeared in at least five other installments, dating back to 2013’s American Horror Story: Coven.

With the trailer reveal also comes the Season 12 plot reveal, which will involve a topic familiar to Kardashian with a much scarier twist.

American Horror Story trailer has Kim K as Siobhan Walsh

After a quick flash of freaky footage, the trailer opens with Kim K in dark sunglasses as actress Siobhan Walsh, walking alongside Roberts as star actress Anna Victoria Alcott.

“You are an A-list star now,” Siobhan tells Anna before telling her in a later scene, “Focus on the good.”

At home, Anna’s husband, Dexter Harding (Czuchry), comforts her and tells her everything will be “worth it” once they meet their perfect baby.

As Anna shares with Dexter that she thinks a woman is following her, things start to get scarier. Based on the footage, that mysterious woman is Delevingne as Meg.

However, Dexter suggests Anna is on too many meds, which may be messing with her mind. The mind mess only continues from there in the trailer, though.

“You have a peculiar penchant for turning dreams into nightmares,” Kim K’s Siobhan tells her in another scene.

Soon after, Anna appears to be getting prepared for some sort of surgery with a doctor hovering over her in what might be a nefarious setting.

In another scene, Anna shares the happy news with her boyfriend that she is pregnant. However, she later believes something more is happening to her and her baby. Freakish scenes close out the trailer, suggesting that Anna is experiencing nightmarish visions and even losing her hair.

Check out the trailer below for chill-inducing scenes featuring Kim K, Roberts, Delevingne, and others from Season 12.

AHS Season 12 will premiere on September 20, but it will be divided into two parts as the Actor’s Strike prevented the complete season from filming.

What is American Horror Story: Delicate about?

The trailer seemingly reveals some essential plot points, with the main character, Anna, impregnated with something that may or may not be evil. Sinister forces also appear to be at play based on the look of various menacing characters throughout the scenes.

Delicate is based on Delicate Condition, a book by Danielle Valentine. It tells the story of 39-year-old actress Anna Alcott, who is slowly ending her career and trying a “last-ditch round” of IVF to become pregnant. She succeeds in her goal, as seen in the trailer.

As mentioned, she notices a woman continues stalking her, who might be sabotaging Anna’s efforts to have a child. She begins to experience terrifying symptoms along with her pregnancy, including hair loss and hallucinations. Due to all of the above, she will fear for her and her baby’s safety.

Interestingly, Kim K may have connected with parts of the plot due to her sister’s IVF journey. Kourtney Kardashian had repeatedly attempted to become pregnant via IVF with her and her husband Travis Barker’s first child. As of this writing, they’re expecting their first child before the end of the year.

Kourtney and Travis recently had a health scare, which many fans believed might involve her pregnancy. Based on a source’s remarks, she’s since returned home with Travis and is doing good.

One has to believe Kourtney might not consume this particular series as she anticipates a healthy and smooth pregnancy, even if the show is based on a fictional horror story.

American Horror Story premieres September 20 on FX.

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