Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story: New AHS teaser shows Kim K’s transformed look

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Kim Kardashian recently appeared in a teaser for the upcoming American Horror Story season sporting a unique look.

The AHS teaser featured the brunette reality TV star, who most people are used to seeing with her dark locks, transformed to a new hair color.

In the show’s Season 12 preview video (below), Kim appears in a platinum blonde wig for a much different look than many are accustomed to her having recently.

Along with that, Kim is wearing black latex gloves as she removes spectacles from her eyes to reveal some intense, long, and dark lashes as part of her makeup.

She wears metallic bold red lipstick as part of her character’s look, although it’s unknown how her character will tie into the story.

Additionally, Kim has on a dark dress featuring cutouts and is shown cradling a baby wrapped in a blanket during a scene in the teaser.

Kim K appears in the American Horror Story Season 12 teaser

Season 12 is called American Horror Story: Delicate, with the teaser titled Rock-a-Bye. It refers to the story’s focus on pregnancy and babies.

The teaser is a brief glimpse at AHS Season 12 but also features a few of Kim’s co-stars. Actors Emma Roberts and Cara Delevingne appear in similar looks and costumes as the Kardashians star.

The plot for the upcoming AHS season is based on Danielle Valentines’ book, Delicate Condition, which comes out in August. The Hollywood Reporter indicated that the thriller is about a woman convinced that a “sinister figure” is doing all it can to prevent her pregnancy.

Kim’s character is Siobhan Walsh, while Delevingne plays Ivory, and Roberts stars as Anna Alcott.

Roberts is returning to the popular horror anthology series in yet another role. She’s appeared in five installments of AHS prior to Season 12. Her previous appearance was as Brooke Thompson in Season 9, aka AHS: 1984.

Additional cast members include Matt Czuchry, Annabelle Dexter-Jones, Debra Monk, and Zachary Quinto.

In April, Monsters and Critics reported that Kim revealed she joined AHS for the upcoming season. While her look in the teaser is different compared to her recent hair, it’s worth noting that Kim sported a similar blonde hair color in 2017, as seen at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons Party.

Critics react to Kim K’s appearance in AHS teaser

With the AHS Season 12 teaser unveiled on social media, many fans and critics blasted the longtime anthology series for including one of the Kardashians.

“The trailer was [fire emoji], until I was reminded of Kim Kardashian,” one commenter wrote.

Another said that AHS “added kim k to gain some audience” for the show, which “already went downhill.”

critics blast ahs teaser with kim k
Pic credit: @ahsfx/Instagram

Yet another commenter said they wouldn’t be watching Season 12 due to Kim’s involvement in the cast.

Many others echoed those sentiments, although there were a few supporters in the comments who seemed excited to see what AHS’ next installment would bring.

One commenter said they were “most excited” to see Kim in the new AHS season.

“So excited!!” another wrote, adding, “People are tripping if they think this season will flop.”

kim k fans and critics react to ahs 12 teaser trailer
Pic credit: @ahsfx/Instagram

So far, American Horror Story has never achieved lower than a 64 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. That was the score for AHS Season 5, aka Hotel.

1984 was the show’s highest-rated at 88 percent, and overall the show has an average score of 77 percent from critics and 67 percent from audience members.

Kim, who currently appears in The Kardashians Season 3 on Hulu, isn’t known for her acting abilities, although she’s appeared in various films and TV shows as herself or other characters.

Some of Kim’s brief recurring TV roles have included 2009’s Beyond the Break and 2012’s Drop Dead Diva. She was the guest host for Saturday Night Live in October 2021.

Monsters and Critics previously reported that Kim addressed her critics about her upcoming AHS appearance, saying she’d started taking acting lessons. Viewers will see how she does with acting versus reality when Season 12 of the series hits FX in September.

American Horror Story Season 12 premieres Tuesday, September 19, at 10/9c on FX. The Kardashians airs Thursdays on Hulu.

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