Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Brown defends brother-in-law after critics slam latest business venture

Raiven Brown.
Raiven Brown defended her brother-in-law Noah Brown’s new business venture after a critic claimed he should do it for free. Pic credit: Discovery

Alaskan Bush People personality Raiven Brown came to the defense of her brother-in-law Noah Brown after he recently announced he would be branching out with a new business venture.

The Brown family is known for their inventive ways of generating income, and several Brown siblings have found great success for themselves on various social media platforms.

Brother Matt Brown, though estranged from his family and no longer filming for the hit Discovery show, has found a solid following on both Instagram and YouTube, where he provides his fans with consistent life updates. It’s particularly lucrative for Matt since he no longer appears on the show.

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Bear Brown has also amassed a great following on Instagram, where he shares insight into his personal life which he shares with his wife, Raiven, and their 2-year-old son, River.

Although Bear’s wife Raiven is also relatively active on social media, she is much more reserved in her posts and tries to keep certain sacred moments private and off of the platforms.

However, just because she’s selective with her own posts and social media choices doesn’t mean Raiven isn’t quick to support her family members in their endeavors. This was the case when a follower of Noah’s recently slammed him for joining Cameo, and Raiven wasted no time in standing up for her brother-in-law.

Raiven Brown defends Alaskan Bush People brother-in-law Noah Brown from online criticism after joining Cameo

Taking to his Instagram, Noah shared the exciting news that he’d launched an account on the platform Cameo.

Cameo allows celebrities to sell personalized video messages to their fans for set rates. It’s an especially popular choice for fans to send birthday or congratulatory messages to their friends and loved ones.

And while many in Noah’s comment section supported his choice to join the platform, others weren’t as enthusiastic.

One Instagram user, in particular, felt that if Noah really wanted to do something for his fans and followers, he should consider making personalized videos for free.

“Price should be free,” they commented.

When another follower noted that Noah should be paid for putting in the work, the user doubled down on their stance and suggested they could provide season’s greetings for a fee too.

It didn’t take long before Raiven popped up and defended her family member.

“selling a pen on the road may not be successful yet many stores sell pens. Sometimes it’s where something is coming from that makes a difference!” her response read in part. “If you could do so I would happily cheer you on. Wishing the best opportunity for one to provide for their family is best. Not passing judgment on something simply because you can.”

Screenshot from Noah Brown's IG post.
Pic credit: @noah_dc_brown/Instagram

Raiven encourages online critic to reconsider their expectations and be ‘joyful’

The original commenter seemingly wasn’t receptive to Raiven’s response and further claimed that anyone in the business of selling pens should avoid putting a price tag on them in the “spirit of Christmas.”

“A service provided comes at a cost,” Raiven retorted. She added that although the Christmas season isn’t about presents, people often still buy them.

She concluded her point by noting that if the Instagram user didn’t want to buy a Cameo video from Noah, then he was not required to.

Screenshot from Noah Brown's IG post.
Pic credit: @noah_dc_brown/Instagram

Raiven ended the online back-and-forth stating, “…the celebration of Jesus is the most important part. And that is very free!”

Alaskan Bush People is currently on hiatus.

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